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    [Delphi] Aion Bot by BafuSs (incl source)

    This is his work, and would like to share over here for studing case. And get to now more inside of a bot works, and using waypoints.

    I have been working on it just for hobbie, since I got a little interest on bots and programing.

    the bot(very old source) needs Aion Offsets update, and it will work, pretty basic and with some bugs, but works.

    In the last couple a days im trying to make it read TargetName and TargetLevel, but without success
    ( memory text string not fully implemented).

    But here it goes, have fun.

    Attention: this is not my work, full credits to BafuSs that make it possible.
    And I would like to thank him to give me an opportunity to study/see a bot code with waypoints that works.

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    is this source code of delphi?

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