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    Post Tips to css

    I play CSS (counter strike source) a feel years and i learned some tips:

    • Aside from basic training and getting used to the game, and becoming a smart player... The thing that really makes you good is just movement and aim... Movement and aim. Remember to train your ears and hands to work together... when they fire, you move, when they are bursting and stopping for their recoil, you move and shoot, when they are shooting, you move.... train yourself... when you get it down you'll be a very hard target... you'll notice people wasting whole clips trying to hit you.

    • If you have a clear shot, try aiming for the head. It does a lot more damage.

    • There is one more tip and very useful for average players, you don't need to work hard on this tip. When you are near your opponent and he is going to shoot you, move sideways to any one direction either left or right. Don't wriggle about, when you are away from your opponent that is when you wriggle; i.e. move in both the direction left and right.

    This is my first post and I'll do more on CSS because I play CS a few years ago, my English is not very good, but I'm trying

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    vlw manim

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