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    Exclamation AdminMod commands !

    AdminMod commands:


    admin_help - help commands are listed. It can be used to list all possible commands and also for more detailed description of the desired command.

    admin_version - Information AdminMod and lists the plugins that are installed.

    admin_status - Shows the level of user access to the console.

    admin_login - Allows users to log in with your password, granting Admin access if the user is registered as the Server Admin.

    admin_password - Works the same way that the admin_login, ie, is an alternative way to log into the server as Admin.

    ADMIN_CMD - Allows use of normal console commands. Ex: admin_command sv_restartround time / s.


    admin_abort_vote - Aborts a vote that is in progress.

    admin_autokick <1 or 0> - mp_autokick on or off. 512 level is required for any change is made.

    admin_autoteambalance <0 or 1> - Sets the mp_autoteambalance. 512 level is required for any change is made.

    ADMIN_BAN <nick or WONID or IP> <tempo/min.> - Bans a user. Time 0 means permanent ban.

    admin_banip <nick or WONID or IP> <tempo/min.>: - Bans a user by ip address. Time 0 means permanent ban.

    admin_bury <user> - "Bury" the specified user.

    admin_buytime <tempo/s> - Adjusts mp_buytime. 512 level is required for any change is made.

    admin_cancelvote - Cancels the vote that is in progress.

    admin_cfg file> [FONT=arial, sans-serif]configuration[/FONT]> - Execute Server configuration files.

    admin_chat <message> - Messages restricted only to admins.

    admin_chattime <#> - Sets the mp_chattime.

    admin_consistency <#> - Sets the mp_consistency.

    admin_csay [Color English] <message> - Messages in the center of the screen.

    admin_ct <user> - Pass the user to the Counter-Terrorist team.

    admin_c4timer <time/s> - Adjusts mp_c4timer.

    admin_denymap <mapa> - Removes all votes for a map.

    admin_disco - players change color with time.

    admin_dmesg <identificação> <userid> usuário> <message> - Message sent to the specified user.

    admin_execall <command> - Forces all users to run the specified command.

    admin_execclient <user> <command> - Force the user to run the specified command.

    admin_execteam <equipe> <command> - Force team (CT or RT) to run the specified command.

    admin_fadetoblack <1 or 0> - mp_fadetoblack on or off.

    admin_flashlight <1 or 0> - mp_flashlight on or off.

    admin_footsteps <1 or 0> - mp_footsteps on or off.

    admin_forcecamera <#> - Sets the mp_forcecamera.

    admin_forcechasecam <#> - Sets the mp_forcechasecam.

    admin_fraglimit <value> - Adjusts mp_fraglimit Server.

    admin_freezetime <time/s> - Adjusts mp_freezetime.

    admin_friendlyfire <1 = ON / 0 = disabled> - Sets the mp_friendlyfire Server.

    admin_fun <"on" | "off"> - Fun mode.

    admin_gag <user> <tempo/min.> - Mutes the user. Time 0 implies muting user permanently.

    admin_ghostfrequency <#> - Sets the mp_ghostfrequency.

    admin_glow <color in English> <"on" | "off"> - Lets you color.

    admin_godmode <user> <"on" | "off"> - Sets the mode of invincibility to the specified user.

    admin_gravity <value> - Adjusts sv_gravity Server.

    admin_hostname <Description> - Sets the name server's hostname.

    admin_hostname <Description> - Sets the name server's hostname.

    admin_hpenalty <#> - Sets the mp_hostagepenalty.

    admin_kick <user> <razão> - Kick the specified user.

    admin_kickpercent <#> - Sets the mp_kickpercent.

    admin_llama <user> - Change username to Llama.

    admin_listmaps - Lists the maps contained in the mapcycle.

    admin_listspawn - List all items of the server.

    admin_map <map> - Changes the map.

    admin_mapvoteratio <#> - Sets the mp_mapvoteratio.

    admin_maxrounds <#> - Sets the mp_maxrounds.

    admin_messagemode <command> - Sets which command message that will be executed when pressing "Y" is used.

    admin_movespawn <item> <X> <Y> <Z> <XÂngulo> <YÂngulo> <ZÂngulo> - Moves the item to the specified location.

    admin_nextmap - Shows what the next map.

    admin_noclip <user> <"on" | "off"> - Sets the mode "without barriers" to the specified user.

    admin_nomessagemode - Turn the key "Y" to its original function.

    admin_nopass - Remove the password from the server.

    admin_pass <password> - Sets the password server.

    admin_pause - Pause Server.

    admin_playerid <#> - Sets the mp_playerid.

    admin_psay <user> <message> - Send a private message to the specified user.

    admin_rcon <command> - Execute rcon commands.

    admin_reload - Reloads files AdminMod.

    admin_removespawn <item> - Removes an item from the site.

    admin_restartround - Restarts the game.

    admin_restart - Restarts the game.

    admin_restrict - View / Configure / Save the restrictions on guns. Everyone can view the restrictions.

    admin_restrictmenu - Changes the restriction on gun menu. Requires that the menu is enabled.

    admin_roundtime <tempo/s> - Adjusts mp_roundtime.

    admin_say <message> - Send a message identifying it as admin.

    admin_servercfg <configuration file> - Sets what will be the default configuration file server.

    admin_slap <user> - Hit the user. Each execution of the command implies the loss of 5 points.

    admin_slay <user> - kills the user.

    admin_slayteam <equipe> - Kills the specified time.

    admin_spawn <class> <X> <Y> <Z> <XÂngulo> <YÂngulo> <ZÂngulo>: - Creates a new item.

    admin_ssay <message> - Send message admin but without identification.

    admin_stack - Does everyone get over you.

    admin_startmoney <800/16000> - Set the mp_startmoney.

    admin_startvote - Starts vote.

    admin_t <user> - Pass the user to the Terrorist team.

    admin_teamplay <teamplay> - Adjusts mp_teamplay Server.

    admin_teleport <user> <X> <Y> <Z> - Teleports the user to the specified coordinates.

    admin_timelimit <tempo/min> - Adjusts mp_timelimit Server.

    admin_tkpunish: <1 or 0> - mp_tkpunish on or off.

    admin_tsay [color English] <message> - Sends a message in the left corner of the screen.

    admin_unban <WONID or IP> - Desbani the specified user.

    admin_unbury <user> - Unearth the specified user.

    admin_ungag <user> - Desmuta the user.

    admin_unllama <user> - Removes status Llama user.

    admin_unpause - Despausa Server.

    admin_unrestrict - Remove restrictions on guns.

    admin_userlist <name> - Shows the list of users.

    admin_userorigin <user> - Returns the coordinates X, Y, Z.

    admin_vote_kick <user> - Starts a vote to kick the user specified.

    admin_vote_map <map> - Starts a vote to change map.

    admin_vote_restart - Starts a vote to restart the game.

    admin_vsay <message> - Starts a vote on the matter given in the message.

    admin_winlimit <#> - Sets the mp_winlimit.

    currentMap say - which will indicate the name of the current map.

    nextmap say - Indicates what the next map.

    say timeleft - Check the time remaining on the map.

    say glow <cor English | "off"> - Lets the user color. Works only with the Fun mode enabled.

    Translated by Google Translator GMX9, is missing something please correct me.

    Source:CS Online BR

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