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    Thumbs up Установка Counter-Strike 1.6 на Linux Ubuntu

    Mean we run the COP on Linux, software Wine.
    This program allows us to run the application windows.

    All actions will be the same for Ubuntu-like operating systems, as well as early and late versions of Ubuntu.

    1. Install Wine

    Open the terminal, which will install Wine, click:
    [INDENT] Ctrl Alt T [/ INDENT]
    Or search through Unity

    Due to the fact that Wine is actively developing in the Ubuntu repositories usually contain old version. Therefore it is recommended to put the latest version from the official repository Wine.

    To do this, add the official repository of Wine:
    [INDENT] sudo add-apt-repository ppa: ubuntu-wine / ppa [/ INDENT]
    Then, update the list of packages:
    sudo apt-get update
    Now install Wine:
    sudo apt-get install wine

    Further, the question "Do you want to continue? [Y / n]" to confirm the installation type "A" or "Y".
    After that, accept the license agreement, press Tab, and click <Ok>.
    Confirm again <OK>.

    All, Wine is installed and is almost ready for use, the rest of the Wine configuration is done automatically when you first start.

    2. Installing Counter-Strike 1.6

    Download the installation .exe file Counter-Strike 1.6 on the link "Download Counter-Strike 1.6", this is the same installation file as for Windows.

    Open the installation file: Right-click the program → Open → Wine - Windows loader program.

    Also, you can unearth a file via a terminal: dial the wine, and then drag the file to the terminal, get something like this:

    wine '/home/counter-strike-com-ua/Zagruzki/Counter-Strike_1.6.exe'

    Follow the installation wizard, be sure to create a shortcut Counter-Strike 1.6 and Half-Life on the desktop:
    Appears on the desktop shortcut to run Counter-Strike 1.6, is now, in principle, can be played by clicking on the icon twice, but it is better to include windowed mode, as it is written on.

    3. Launch CS 1.6 in windowed mode

    To avoid deadlocks, etc. problems, best to run the game in windowed mode.
    Search through Unity: "Configure Wine"

    Tab "Graphics" → check the "Emulate a virtual desktop" → "OK"

    FAQ Question:

    How to run Counter-Strike 1.6?
    Open /home/imya_polzovatelya/.wine/drive_c/Counter-Strike 1.6 Chrome v1.3 / Start Counter-Strike 1.6.bat through Wine: Right-click the program → Open → Wine - Windows loader program.

    How to run exe file in Wine default
    Right mouse button on any exe file → → Properties tab Open With →
    Wine - Windows loader program → Set Default button

    If something went wrong in Wine
    Remove the profile folder Wine. Turn on the display of hidden files:
    Ctrl H
    delete the folder /home/imya_polzovatelya/.wine

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