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    How To Add Plugins to OllyDbg

    Simple instructions if someone have got problems with installing plug-ins to OllyDbg.

    Как известно, отладчик OllyDbg имеет возможность расширить свой функционал при помощи подключаемых модулей (plug-ins), однако часто можно встретить вопрос «Как установить эти модули».
    Непосредственно перед установкой, необходимо убедиться в том, что используемая версия OllyDbg 1.10, т.к. все сборки версии 2 (+ недавно вышедшая финальная сборка 2.00.01) не имеют возможности для подключения plug-ins. Автор отладчика сообщает, что данная опция появится в скором времени.
    Итак, выбираем «Options -> Appearance» и закладку «Directories»

    Теперь просто настраиваем пути для udd файлов и для папки с модулями.

    После внесения изменений, требуется перезапустить отладчик.
    Сделав это, должно появится меню «Plugins» со списком всех подключенных модулей.

    Для удаления ненужных или конфликтующих модулей, достаточно удалить соответствующие dll и снова перезапустить отладчик.
    Please, post your questions on forum, not by PM or mail

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    Still not able to understand the part of the folder "/ UDD," which folder should it be?
    I have this folder here, only the plugins folder!

    Can you help me?

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    About plugins

    If you have downloaded an ollydbg version 1.x and you don't have the plugins button in the toolbars (a the top part of
    the screen) it means you haven't set it up correctly, If you got winzip it's enough by extracting all the stuff inside the
    downloaded software however if you got winrar you need to create another folder open up the .rar and drag everything
    that is inside the .rar to the new folder that you have just created.
    there are some videos in youtube where you can't see the plugin button even if they get an 1.x version. Also maybe
    some people can get the same mistake.

    Ok now for the post, you need to create -if you want- another folder called plugins (or whatever) and then in the ollydbg
    you go to the ollydbg click Options>>Appearance>>Directories and in the plugin paths click browse and select where your
    plugins folder is (or the folder you have just created).

    The other option is everytime you download a plugin (e.g command bar) from any site you have to copy it or select the
    address inside the ollydbg folder. This way you won't have to worry about changing the plugin path
    Generally speaking the .dll of the plugin downloaded would be enough inside the folder
    but you can copy all if you need.

    The first option is just for organizational purposes.

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    I prefer Immunity dbg myself, but Olly has some great plugins and tutorials associated with it. Although, Immunity is getting better with its plugins, thank to who released some beauties, such as mona.

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