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    How to Become Professional in CF-AL/NA/All 's

    CrossFire : check out tips to get right in the popular FPS Free

    CrossFire is a free FPS , ideal for those who like to type games Counter -Strike . His frantic gameplay , coupled with high quality graphics and the benefit of playing for free , make their popularity in Brazil grow every day . Check out tips to get right in online gambling :

    general Tips

    Early on , we recommend you start playing on server " Rookie " , which is aimed at beginners . There is most likely you will not be confronted with a very high level player , and thus suffer from a series of eliminations .

    Do not buy guns early on. Wait to buy one that is really worth . Each has its level of damage and recoil , some being more difficult to handle than others. Try to understand well each property before buying other weapons .

    Ghost mode

    It is considered the stealth mode of the game . In it , one team ( BL ) is invisible when stationary, partially invisible when walking holding the Shift and visible when walking normally . Your only weapon is the knife and the silence , because the noise is one of the ways to be identified .

    A particular team has the mission of planting a bomb while the other can use any weapon in the mission to disarm it , or choose to do away with all the players on the other team .
    Special missions are available and competition modes . ( Photo : Playback) ( Photo : Special missions are available and competition modes . ( Photo : Playback) ) CrossFire ( Photo : Playback)

    Each team has different techniques. Ghosts beware the noise as before and even on your breathing . There are techniques to detect ghosts by the sound of breathing and , if you encounter an enemy with experience , will be difficult to catch him off guard .

    There are also techniques of how to walk at normal speed without making noise, or break the camouflage - called the Bunny Hop or bunny hopping . It's as if the character walked backwards crouching and jumping at the same time. To do this , press Ctrl + S + ' spacebar ' .

    There are some items that can be purchased in the item shop that muffle the sounds while walking and breathing . These are :
    Item Cost Function

    Breath Noise Down Decreases the sound of breathing : GP
    Noise Footsteps Down Decreases the sound of footsteps : GP
    Shock Absorber iminui loss of HP to fall from somewhere high : ZP

    Already with the other team , there are many tips to successfully locate the ghost . The most important is to use headphones to identify the sounds of footsteps and breathing . There are techniques to pin-point that assist in this identification . Just make moves with the mouse left and right with the gun . You will get the breathing center by the ghost of hearing headphones ( meaning that it is right in front of you) .

    If you are disarming the bomb, watch out , because the ghost might be around and waiting for the best time to attack him . Make disarmament slowly , pausing to make sure that there are no enemies around.

    Zombie mode

    Here cooperation is the key to survival . Do not even think about the hero and think you can fend for yourself , because with time , the waves of zombies are more numerous and increasingly tougher enemies .

    Always try to let someone somewhere at the top to support . At the beginning , the rest of the team can get down and strafe who appear, but with time , is the best group staying together at some point to funnel the wave of zombies in a ramp .

    If you can not taper , look for hallways or something that lets them straight. Always MIREM head , as well as being the most efficient way to eliminate them , also earns the player more points . On some maps you will need to look for ammo in some corners . Do this always in groups .

    Some monsters are almost invisible , but all appear on the map which is in the upper right corner . That is, be always attentive to map to identify where the red circles .

    Playing Sniper

    Playing well with a sniper requires much practice . Not just anyone can aim quickly with telescopic sight and shoot . There are players that can perform this feat with a secondary weapon or knife, and quickly switch to the AWM and shoot . But this perócia also requires a lot of practice . There are also those who call and stick something on the screen to mark the point of aim. Well , everyone has their technique . But in general , we will describe some important points that every sniper should know .

    1 - Sensitivity

    We're not talking about the sensitivity of the player, but the mouse. The sensitivity should be low , to help in time to aim. With telescopic sight , move a little too mean . Then , lower the sensitivity for more control when it comes to aiming. To make this setting , go to Menu > Options > Controls . At the bottom you will see a bar that shows the sensitivity of the cursor.

    2 - Brightness

    A good sniper can see exactly where your enemy is . Change the brightness to increase the clarity is a good option . For this go to options > graphics and change the bar " Gamma " .

    3 - Drive

    The movement is extremely important because it reduces the chance of being hit while reloading the gun. Just after the shooting , while moving the gun is reloaded .

    4 - Understand and map

    Try to anticipate the movement of your enemy not to be caught by surprise. The good sniper knows the map and lets be attacked from the rear .

    5 - Techniques

    Some techniques are interesting time to be a sniper . For example , after shooting with the sniper , change weapons to enlarge its field of view , instead of staring apelas the crosshairs. Another key technique is to stay hidden in some corner , and after shoot, move around using the jump , because it reduces the chance of being hit .
    PS: I Bazeado in CF / NA more FÜNF in all crossfire 's

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