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    Badge system rewards

    Soldier Badge:
    • C1 2000gp
    • C2 5000gp
    • C3 Blue Muzzle Flame (7 Days)
    • B1 ak47 camo (7 days)
    • B2 Bullet proof helmet (7 days)

    Sniper Badge:
    • C1 2000gp
    • C2 5000gp
    • C3 Green Muzzle Flame (7 Days)
    • B1 PSG-1 (7 days) and new killmarks for sniper kills.
    • B2 Anaconda (7 Days)
    • B3 ??????
    • A1 Desert eagle camo (30 days)

    Scout Badge:
    • C1 2000gp
    • C2 5000gp
    • C3 Muzzle Flame (7 days)
    • B1 mp5 adv (7 days)
    • B2 bullet proof vest (7 Days)

    Assassin Badge:
    • C1 2000gp
    • C2 5000gp
    • C3 Green Muzzle Flame (7 Days)
    • B1 Desert Eagle Scope (7 Days) and new killmarks for knife kills.
    • B2 Wide Grenade (7 Days)
    • B3 Shovel (7 days)
    • A1 Wide grenade (30 Days) New killmakrs for knife kills
    • A2 perment assassin spray paint
    • A3 Perment assassin namecard

    Elite Badge:
    • C1 2000gp
    • C2 5000gp
    • C3 30000gp
    • B1 Green muzzle flame ( 7 Days) M60 ADV (7 Days)
    • B2 Aks-74u (30 days)
    • B3 ???
    • A1 Kriss super V (30 Days)

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