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Thread: How to not rage

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    How to not rage

    The Aim of this guide is to teach people who insist on accusing players of hacks or just rage quiting eveytime they die, how to control their frustration and make the game funner for everyone. So here it goes:

    1. Stop and Think
    First of all, not everyone that kills you is going to be using a hack. Before you spam the public chat with your overly used macros that say; " *** F11**F11**F111* KIK " stop and think for a second, take some time to hit tab and see what his K/D is. if its not incredibly unbelieveable, it may not be a hack. Yes, sometimes they just fail at hacking but its usually not the case. Also if the guy just join the game and has killed ONE person, and this part is important, THATS NOT ENOUGH EVIDENCE TO CALL HIM A ***OR! Wait for a while because he may have got lucky...or hes skilled...

    2. Take a Deep Breath
    When you keep dying, dont say *** or sht or WOW, just take a deep breath, maybe close your eyes, and calm down. then get back in the action.

    3. Count down from ten
    This one is a classic, but it works, count down from ten and by then youll be calmed down and the round might even be over

    4. Pat yourself on the back
    no, not literally, unless it helps...anyway, what i mean is give your self some compliments, dont call yourself an fdp, or whatever. say "Good try Insert name here you'll get em next time champ." or even tell yourself you look good in a speedo, whatever works for you.

    5. Be Patient
    Your probably not going to get 5 kills every round so dont get discouraged when you dont. just wait for the next round and try again, heck wait till the end of the game and you may have built up your k/d a bit since the begining of the game. i find that if i have a bad k/d at the begining of a game, i usually build it up by the end and i think, "wow im glad i didnt RQ!"

    6. Block Chat
    If theres someone in the game who is just bringing you down with their negativity, then block chat them, it makes it nice and quiet.
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    I`m one of those who very often makes stats like 10:0. 10:1. 15:1. 18:2. 20:1 and so.

    And you - the author of the post, are *quite wrong*.
    1. When you start pwning them hard START spamming with rage spam messages all those SAD idiots who blame you for hacking, that way they will start to cry less or try to kick you. Most of the time they wont succeed and you will PWN them with retalation kick in which case most of the time they are BEING KICKED and everybody keeps quiet for some time because except for that they were humiliated they've shit their pants off because they could get kicked thanks to their stupidity. AND now most of the idiots on the game have respect of you.
    3. Take a deep breath, cool down? WDF? ARE YOU SAD? This is not a yoga, - FOCUS and stop thinking and then start owning them by 5 a round! When and after you die watch somewhere else until respawn!
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