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    Extensive Escape Mode

    Welcome to the Extensive Escape Mode Guide!

    Escape Mode’s objective is too score the more points then the other team in a quicker time. Points are scored by jumping through a portal as Black List inside of Global Risk base. Each ‘half’ the teams switch positions. During the first half there is a time of 10 minutes (I believe) to score the set amount of points. The time it takes Black List to score those points is how long the new Black List (Former Global Risk) team has to get the set amount of points during the second half.
    First thing-Tips
    Understand the layout of the map your playing.
    Know where all the sub passages are (Ones not blocked by the barricade)
    Find uses for your team mates (Distractions, meat shields, et cetera)

    Try to find a suitable place to camp in the portal room if you think there is going to be a BL rush
    Try to pick off as many BL agents as you can without dying
    You can’t always rely on snipers to make the vital shots at people before they go into the portal
    Make sure you’ve got an enemy in sight before they are within 10 meters on the portal, if not you might risk being caught off guard
    The Portal is more importation than your life. Use any means necessary to defend it

    Try to do planned, orderly rushes on the portal
    Give people cover fire if they are heading towards the portal
    If GR agents are shooting at BL operatives and you are clear to go, do not hesitate to run into the portal as fast as possible.
    Command Ops
    This is my personal favourite map by far…
    Take a good note of the map, know where everything is. Red areas are likely hotspots.

    This is a main barricade into GR base.
    The red circles indicate places where GR agents will position themselves to take fire on BL operatives attempting to attack the gate. Also you can shoot under the gate to kill people as there is a space between the bottom of it and the ground. The blue circles represent a covered area to shoot the gate at.

    This is a the eastern alternate route into GR base.(Assuming the BL base is located south, and GR base is located north.) The window is wide enough to jump through. This is usually the least defended area of the base. (On average)

    This is interior of the above mentioned involves an upper and lower area connected by a ramp with columns on both levels. Red circles indicate areas that GR agents are likely to be in.

    This is a view of the barricade from Global Risk’s side. Blue circles indicate positions in which you can take cover behind and fire down at the enemy.

    This area is the favourite sub route for BL and is rightly so. The entrance on the BL side is marked by a staircase divided by a column leading up to a platform.

    This area is the inside of the above mentioned area. The red circle is an area in which GR operatives like to camp and shoot at you from the small opening.

    This an inside view of GR base. GR snipers generally take aim from up here. The circled area is a place for snipers like to boost onto and camp.

    WARNING! Shooting at the gate may involve it getting angry and shoot back at you!
    Temple Ruins-
    This map is pretty detailed; take your time to get used to it. Hot spots are indicated by red circles.

    The entrance to the GR base is completely barricaded so you must destroy at least one to get in unless you’re a coolcat and boost in through the window. The red circled areas are nice places for BL to crouch behind and spray the gates.

    This is a view of the west side of the barricade area. (Assuming BL base is south and GR base is north.) The upper red circle is a nice place for GR snipers. Bottom red circle is where GR agents like to come out of to surprise you. The blue circle is a nice place to take cover until a GR agent is on top of you!

    This is the eastern barricade and is pretty much the same as the other one. Top red circle: GR snipers, bottom red circle: annoying GR exit, and blue circle: BL camping area.

    This is a view of the BL trench system. The red circles indicate good places for Black List snipers.

    OMG! This a place where BL pros and ninjas like to take so they can feel cool about themselves. As you see, it’s an entrance. A plain old entrance.

    But wait! This is a secret only held by top BL people… It actually leads to a corridor that ends close the western and eastern barricades! (It’s mirrored for both sides)

    This is an image of the much more interesting western entrance to the other secret corridor.

    This is an image of the western barricade from the GR point of view. Red circle indicates an area where you materialize out of and own some BL people spraying at the gate.

    This is the eastern barricade from the GR point of view; the red circle is the area that you can exit out of to teach BL sprayer noobs a lesson.
    By MemoriesPast
    Please, post your questions on forum, not by PM or mail

    I spend my time, so please pay a little bit of your time to keep world in equilibrium

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