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    How to find a Scrim

    Scrim Ettiquette Beta clan server is amazing. It lets teams play head to head in a fairly competitive atmosphere, forces both sides, and is usually quite enjoyable. However, there are far too many ego's and flamers. This guide will hopefully help... (yes I am really bored right now)

    1.) Don't make 16 person rooms! Find out how many players you have that want to scrim and make a room tailored to that amount. When someone enters a 3/16 room they have no idea if it's 3v3 or 8v8.

    2.) Be straight to the point. Don't join a room to talk about how you know someone in their clan or just to say what is up. If you join a room type "3v3?" or "5v5?" accordingly. Wait for a response and then either call your team in, or leave promptly.

    3.) Wait patiently. Sometimes people need to load up CrossFire before they can play. Calmly ask the opposing team how long they think it will take. If they don't give a response or specify a time that is too long for you, then leave. Don't chastise them.

    4.) Insulting... Some players are better than others, it happens. Just because you beat a clan 18-0 doesn't mean you have to tell them that they suck. The only way to get better is by practice. Instead, type "nice try" or nothing at all.

    5.) Haccussations Seriously, don't. It makes you look bad, it makes your clan look bad, and it takes the fun out of the match. Save the replay at the end of the game (hit "save") and then go into storage --> replay and watch it. If you are 100% certain that hacks were being used, then submit it to Saidin. In-game is no time to accuse.

    6.) Don't rage. If you feel you were killed unfairly, then rage, go for it. Just make sure your vent key isn't held down. Also, if you absolutely must type something, make sure you press "F3" before doing so. Raging in public chat causes hate between clans. Be respectful.

    7.) Have fun. Remember, it’s a game. Try keep it as enjoyable to yourself and others as possible.

    8.) Don't glitch. Wall glitching, bomb glitching... it's all the same. Gaining an advantage that wasn't meant to be in the game is unfair and shouldn't be used under any circu.mstances, especially not in scrims.
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