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    Every Mode in Crossfire

    A list of all modes that CF has

    Team Deathmatch: Players must work together as a team to kill the enemies a designated number of times, or get more kills in a designated time limit. Players respawn after death.

    Search & Destroy/Team Demolition: The Black List attempts to destroy designated points with C4, or destroy all the Global Risk players, while the GR team must destroy all Black List players before the bomb is planted (If the bomb is planted it can still be disarmed for a GR victory).

    Elimination mode/Wipe Out mode: Similar to team death match only players don't respawn when killed, and it runs on a basis of rounds instead of kills or a time limit. In some maps, players start only with their melee weapons and must pick up guns pre-set in the map.

    Ghost Mode: All Black List terrorists are cloaked in invisibility (while not moving), and are only armed with melee weapons, while all Global Risk mercenaries are fully visible, but can use all available weapons. The Black List must use stealth to blow up the target with C4 to win, while the Global Risk mercenaries must defend the target and shoot down any ghosts. Global Risk can locate invisible Black List when in their vicinity as they emit a heavy breathing sound, footsteps and ghosts also become significantly visible while moving.

    Special Mode: A mode that is fully manipulated by the player.

    Free for All: A mode where there is no teams with optional weapon restrictions. Players constantly respawn at different locations. The round ends when a player reaches the kill quota for the match or the timer runs out.

    Pandemic Mode/Mutation Mode/Zombie mode: 1-2 players are infected and turned into mutants 20 seconds into the round, depending on how many players are in the game, the number of infected mutant changes. An infected mutant will begin with 4000-6000 HP. When a person is hit or attacked by a mutant, they become a mutant with 2000 HP. When the time is up or all mutants are dead, the soldiers win. If all the soldiers become mutant, the mutants win. Mutants are flung backwards when shot.

    Bounty Mode: See Counter-strike

    Escape Mode: The newest game mode, one team must "escape" through a portal while the other team tries to prevent them. There are walls and doors that can be destroyed to make the escaping teams job easier, at half time the teams switch sides.

    That is all of the modes that cf has in Korea has. So maybe not suggest for modes, because it's up to those Koreans.
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