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    Steyr AUG A1

    The AUG is possibly the most underrated gun in Crossfire. I wanted to make a guide to encourage more people to use it and to help those who are struggling.

    The Basics

    These are some basic tips that apply to other guns, as well as the AUG.
    • Always aim for the head. It's a one-shot headshot, and considering the AUG is not particularly powerful, it's even more important.
    • Burst fire or single-shot at mid-long range to retain accuracy.
    • Spraying is only ideal for close range, as the target is very large and you need to get as many bullets into the enemy as possible in the shortest amount of time.
    • Always reload behind cover (e.g. box, wall, barricade etc.). This is even more important with the AUG because it's reload time isn't great.

    The Specific Stuff

    The AUG is fairly different to other guns in the way to use it.
    • This gun is primarily a defensive gun, so if you are a keen rusher, I would use a different gun. However, it's fast firing rate (when not scoped in) does help to a certain extent, but your not likely to get as far as you would with, say, a G36k.
    • This is one of the few rifles with a scope, so use it wisely. It has the same scope as the SG552 (just a zoomed-in view) rather than an iron-sight. My suggestion (which could well be the most important tip here) is not to overuse it. I reccommend you only use it in situations where the enemy is a sitting duck and you have a clear view of their head. This is because the firing rate goes down when you scope in, and I find that it just feels messy. Also, never use the scope when trying to kill a moving target. They will notice you before you can even do any damage to them as its very hard to get good, clean shots in this situation.
    • Use the gun exactly like you would use an m4. It's kind of hard to explain, but headshots ar much easier to obtain with the AUG than the m4.
    • Surprisingly enough, you can burst fire at long range (w/o scope) as the recoil is very manageable, so a lot of the first few bullets hit the target. You can fire in bursts of 2-4 shots for optimum accuracy.

    Other Stuff

    The gun costs 45,000gp and you must be of rank sergeant 1 (the first class of the rank with three arrows)

    The AUG-Camo is exactly the same as the regular version except it has 5 more rounds per clip (so it is more suited to rushing) and it has a camo skin, which I think looks pretty cool.

    NB: Once you have mastered this gun (you'll know because 4 out of 5 kills will be headshots) you WILL, I repeat, you WILL be accused of using an aimbot, I guarantee you. I suggest making an anti-hackusation macro, as they can help . Also, be friendly to people in game (e.g. saying "nice shot" or just laughing or something I DUNNO ) because 1 or 2 people will tend to back you up when the hackusations come flooding. If you are using an aimbot, GTFO NAO.

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