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    Phase Guide - Center


    - Presentation Phase
    - Equipment
    - Strategic Points
    - Global Risk
    - Black List
    - Hideouts
    - Pump
    - The Site
    - Site B
    - Game Player
    - Credits


    Well, the stage can be played in single mode, Search and Destroy, and there may be restrictions on equipment such as Snipers Only, Only Guns or Knives Only, also can be played freely with all equipment. A phrase rather large, or a large space for play, not much compressed. At this stage the mission team's Black List is planting the bomb or eliminate all opponents before time runs out. However, the mission of Global Risk, is to eliminate all opponents before they place the bomb or defuse the bomb when activated by opponents.


    There are plenty of equipment recommended for this stage, however, the most used, and best, is the Sniper, preferably at AWM, because at this stage, there are many strategic places to use it, however, I will be showing other esquipamentos recommended for phase.



    Weapons like the Scar Light, K-2, and QBZ are highly recommended for use as Rifle phase because they have high power shooting, and high stability, so easy to use and highly lethal.


    The Desert Eagle is recommended for use along with a Sniper therefore use a sniper to kill an enemy at close range, it is not advisable. The Desert Eagle has a great power shot, but is used more for its high capacity to take several shots in a few seconds.

    Anaconda also recommended to use with a Sniper, is somewhat different from the Desert Eagle because Anaconda, has somewhat more power shot, however, its time between shots is greater.

    Throwing Equipment

    It is always recommended to have a thrown weapon, and a grenade or a smoke bomb or light. The Granada is recommended only to damage the opponent. The Smoke Bomb, it is recommended to let the enemies lost almost the same effect as grenade light used to blind enemies for a specified time, thus allowing time to escape, or kill them.

    Strategic points

    At this stage, there are some key strategic points for both the Global Risk Team, as to Time Black List.

    This is a point on the map, used for surprise attacks, because this alloy base tunnel connects the Black List with Area B, if you're playing as Black List, keep an eye on places where are the Red Arrows in the image above, because there can get out enemies, as if as Global Risk, the enemies will come from the opposite side.

    Global Risk

    Well, when you are in the Global Risk team, you can climb up the ramp, and go on the penultimate floor, walk to the end of the balcony, and climb over the wall, as in the image above, you can see the enemies, out the window. Recommend using a Sniper.

    Well, a place quite simple, but very important, is in the early phase, as seen in the screenshot above, you can see the little window, possibly where the enemies appear.

    A great place to stay with a Sniper is in these buildings, based on Global Risk, or Area, just go up the ramp, and jump on the floor you want.

    When playing as Global Risk, beware Exits Tunnel, because enemies will come out for them.

    This is the main point of attack between the two teams, so if you are Global Risk, careful look at all sides, it is a part very extensive..

    Black List

    Remember the first strategic point shown to the team of Global Risk? He can apply for the Black List also, but in reverse.

    Well, in this image, in all the places that are marked in red, is where the enemy may be, with the view inside of the window, then beware, because many players use Sniper's, and keep an eye on the window.

    Above we can see a very good strategic point, because while you're hidden, you can see the enemy coming up the stairs. Recommend using a Sniper.


    At this stage, there are a lot of "hiding" better known as places to Camper's, the main show.

    This is a great place to hide, because it catches the enemy off guard.

    This cache is most useful when playing with the Global Risk team, as they come out of the tunnel and up the ramp, you can catch them off guard.

    This is indeed a great place because it is well hidden, and is best used when playing with the Black List team.

    Well, this is a place to stay hidden when being invaded by Global's Risk


    Like the way the game is Search and Destroy, there are two areas to plant the bomb, Area A [Site A], and Area B [Site B].

    The Site

    In this map the Area A is recommended for planting the bomb, for its large area, with plenty of places to hide and wait for the opposing team to disarm the bomb.

    B Site

    The area B is somewhat lower, it can be said that it is a "corner", thus, easier to protect the pump, however, care because the tunnel exit is in Area B.


    If I helped you
    * Thanks there <<

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