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    Crossfire Recoil Reduction

    Hey guys! I am new here and I just thought that I would share a little trick I found out! I found out that when you turn your mouse sensitivity down your recoil is reduced. I put mine all the way down and I have no recoil at all. I cant look around that fast though so i brought it up a little bit, but i still dont have as bad of recoil as I used to. Hope this helps!

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    In my opinion, Recoil is decided by 4 factors :
    1. Length of burst / spray
    -The longer the burst / spray, the more recoil you will suffer
    2. Cooldown (delay) between bursts
    -If the delay between bursts are too small, the weapon will suffer greater recoil and sometimes accuracy penalty, crosshair spreading
    3. Character movement
    -Pretty self explanatory, burst with m4 while you are shiftwalking and running is different. I personally advise to stop moving or shiftwalking while shooting
    4. Player factor
    -IMO lesser sensitivity = lesser recoil is based on the player, sometimes player's hand tremble when they are shooting, and these vibration from the trembling also affect the crosshair's position. The greater the sensitivity is, the more the vibrations affect the weapon performance. Using least sensitivity is good, but IMO it must be accompanied by a mouse with great DPI

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