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    Cod4 Promodlive211 Server Side Aimbot! The BEST Aimbot Ever!

    Attached you will find a server side aimbot,

    The aimbot coding isnt mine, i found that online however the rest of it is.

    How to set up:
    Make sure your server runs promodlive211

    Get you and your friends GUID's

    Navigate to the .iwd/promod/adam.gsc
    Once there open in notepad

    Where you find
    biteme = "";
    bob = "";
    other1 = "";
    other2 = "";
    fred = "";
    Insert your GUID's inbetween the "

    Once the server has started and you get the work active! in the bottom left, you will be given an AKU
    when an enemy has spawned just fire and you will shoot though ANY surface.

    This is the BEST aimbot around, im also sure its PB Undetected! but im not certain!

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