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    GameGuard Bypass Revision 1641 [Cabal NA]

    Currently only Works with Windows 7 64 bit Operating System.
    North American Bypass for GameGuard Revision 1687 (Updated GameGuard 1-13-2011) [Still working] :
    Sandboxie v3.44; download this copy of program. Only that version, as other versions you cannot register; you need v3.44 to use the fake key and passwords to register and use full features like "forced programs, forced folders" in settings.

    This is NOT hack, just bypass. anything you do with it can result in ban if you get yourself disconnected from spamming skills after using specific hacks use at your own risk, and not on main accounts .

    Thats the video i just uploaded so you dont have to download it

    I can only confirm to work on windows 7 64 bit version. All other versions of windows sandboxie will not launch gameguard and cabal properly. I dont know why that is, dont ask.

    The video show step by step from creating new sandbox, to ingame with memory editor open and gameguard at same time.

    You can download the video above, or just follow step by step instructions.

    Step 1: Find Sandboxie V3.44 Only that version, register it with a username and pass that you can find in torrent websites..

    Step 2: Make sure your on windows 7 64 bit computer, or quit now lol.

    Step 3:Create new sandbox, name it watever u want.

    Step 4:Right click new sandbox and goto Settings>Program Start>Forced Folders Setting, Add your current GameGuard folder to Forced Folder section.

    Step 5:Next is Settings>Program Start>Forced Programs, which is similar to forced folders, but specifies each file separate by name. Add to this Forced File setting the follow files: gamemon.des gameguard.des ggscan.des ggerror.des ggscan.des.

    Step 6:Settings>Restrictions>Start/Run Access Add the following files to Start/Run access: cabalmain.exe cabalm~1.exe cabal.exe update.exe gameguard.des gamemon.des ggerror.des ggscan.des.

    Step 7:Settings>Restrictions>DropRights For my computer i select this option on, for different versions of windows it seems to be more sensitive. This is why i can only garuntee works on windows 7 ultimate 64 bit.

    Step 8:Settings>Low-Level access: First two options selected on (Permit programs to load kernel mode drivers into OS, and Permit programs to load application hooks into other programs.) Leave the second two options turned off.

    Step 9:Settings>Restrictions>Hardware Access and Click on first option "Simulate keyboard and mouse input".

    Step 10:Settings>Resource Access>File Access>Direct Access>
    Add your Current Cabal Directory folder inside your program files.

    Step 11:Settings>Resource Access>File Access>Full Access>
    Add your Current Cabal Directory folder inside your program files here as well.

    Step 12:Launch cabal, the gamemon.des and cabalmain.exe along with gameguard.des should all start inside the sandboxie window, and work fine.

    The video proves the authenticity of the bypass and shows the step by step, but beware i made it at 4 am and was really tired, and only after GM start pming me ingame so i had to make a video for her and send to her, so use it wisely if you wish.; also important context for this, i was in 3 am war, and ended up staying up till 6 am to upload and submit this video, i never use on my main account, she just check my chat logs and ips and knew i was messing around on a bunch of alts, and confronted me with the infromation.

    The bypass itsself is currently undetectable, but any hack you do that results in a player reporting you, or a disconnection from error code, you will risk that account and ip to be under "investigation" by est, if your happening to get this on euro, i cant say how GMs work; but i know they probably will have no information about the sandboxie itsself, only gameguard nprotect can patch this effectively, and est replied saying they have forwarded the video tutorial to gameguard via developer team mail.

    I aint taking the credits for this , all credits goes for zeKe____ aka snOwx (cabal NA mercury) , i repeat , i did not make this guide! just felt like posting it just in case that someday game acutally gets "GameGuarded" because ATM Cheat engine 6.0 can be used on North America server without a bypass if you are using Windows 7 64 bits, hopes you guys likes this!!

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