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    Guide how to get easy catch bm3

    -Books Techniques Battle Mode 3 can be crafted by uniting Copies of Stone, Transition Arcana and Stone Creation Minesta.
    -Copies may be obtained through Stone missions of capsules Missions.

    How to purchase the materials of creation:

    Materials required for each stage of Battle Mode 3:

    Success Rate of Creation Books is 100%
    Books Techniques Battle Mode 3 should be trained in order.
    Books Techniques highest level will not be registered if you have not purchased the book from the previous stage.
    The first book Technical Battlefield 3 will give the character the activation technique of Battle Mode 3, Basic Attacks A and B and I. Fatal Attack

    In short ...
    From level 130 you get the quest to CREATE the book's technical BM3.
    To "craft" it, you should have the following items:
    40 x Copy Stones (items won through Mission Capsule)
    1 x Transition arcana (sold npc)
    1 x Stone Creation (sold npc)

    Ie ... It will basically drop the capsules mission, the capsule and take daily mission.

    Dai then. Craft with a 100% chance of your book BM3. Easy!

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