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    Cabal Honor Points

    What are Honor Points?
    Honor points are offered to players in order to highlight / merit, a way to become icon for their actions within the Cabal Online.

    What are?

    The honor points can be used to achieve titles of the nation, creating basic / professional (craft), to purchase items sold by NPCs (potions and derivatives) and equipment to equip requesting specific degree.

    - Honor in Craft
    After reaching the first level of creation, and move to the second stage (Level 2), your character will begin using honor points for creating items in ascending order, ie, the more the Navel of the Craft, the more honor will be used.

    - Equipment
    Some devices require Level of honor, as facture and bracelet, which is described in â € œHonra: Class X €?. ‰ possàvel to view such items as an example in the Core Alchemist in Fort Ruana.

    - Items sold in NPC
    I believe that many have observed that in the beginning is not possàvel buy several packs of potions with quantity above / equal to 20 units. It can be observed in any Grocery Seller a requirement of initial â € œHonra: Class 1â €?.

    How to get honor points?

    There are several ways to get honor points, here's the list:

    - Missions history
    In the beginning, when performing simple tasks, is achieved by possàvel Grade 1 honor œjogando normalmenteâ â € €? without worrying exactly with honor points.

    - Channel 20/Mapas War
    Accessing the channel 20 and defeating monsters, you gain 1 possàvel honor and thus evolve your monsters rank as Troglos. If the user has the nation at this time is possàvel get about 50 points per enemy defeated the rival nation.
    In war maps from Missing Link (Navel 95) possàvel is making constant battles against rival nation and in the same manner as in channel 20, to earn more point of honor when defeating enemies.

    - Guild Wars
    In wars, you get honor possàvel if the guild win. But you must remember that to be defeated, it lost a considerable amount of honor.

    - Plate of Honor
    Upon reaching the navel 65 and containing a plaque of honor in your inventory is only necessary to address the Officer in Port Lux and click on it, to accomplish this, a mission will start with the final award of honor points.

    - Tierra Gloriosa "War of Nations"
    This is the site of confrontations between players performed daily, both the nation and winning the loser, to perform 30 points is awarded a sum of WEXP.

    Using the WEXP

    To use the WEXP is necessary to add 100 WEXP points (which are obtained in Tierra Gloriosa). Go to Port Lux Officer and choose the option regarding the exchange at this stage is possàvel change both in experience and honor points.
    Rank of Honor Honor Points

    - TA-ters of the Nation

    The rank title is as follows:

    Image taken from the tutorial created by TheSupreme
    Direct information of the [GM] Bruce

    Recalling that OEO Regenteâ and OEO inquisitive € â €? are the last stage of the rank.

    Users who have no nation, Degree of Honor reaching over 10, earning the titles below:

    Degree of Honor 11 - Tramp
    Degree of Honor 12 - Dial-hop
    Degree of Honor 13 - Ascetic

    Table of Honor Points

    A Class 10 000
    Class 2 20 000
    Class 3 40 000
    Class 4 80 000
    Class 5 160 000
    Class 6 320 000
    Class 7 640 000
    Class 8 1280000
    Class 9 2560000
    Class 10 5120000
    Class 11 10000000
    Class 12 20000000
    Class 13 50000000
    Class 14 80000000
    Class 15 150 000 000
    Class 16 300 000 000
    Class 17 500 000 000
    Class 18 1000000000
    Class 19 1500000000
    Class 20 2000000000

    System Lord of War

    Only 95 characters from the navel up to 170 can participate in this step in Cabal Online.
    They are in total 60 characters per server with the Guardian title, 10 characters of each class.
    To herald the title is 6 characters per server, with a character of each class among the 60 Guardians.

    The Benefits of titles:

    • Bonus HP +500
    • Immobility Resist +60%
    • +60% Resistance to Fall
    • Resist +60%
    • Stun Resistance +60%

    • Bonus HP +500
    • Critical Resistance rate 20%
    • Resistance to Damage +60% CRA-ticos
    • +10% Sword AMP
    • AMP Magic +10%
    • Critical Rate +5%

    These Benefits are applied only during the TG in normal maps does not work!

    System of Honor titles

    Degree of Honor Class 11 - HP +50
    Degree of Honor Class 12 - HP +100
    Degree of Honor Class 13 - HP +100, Resist +5% Damage Socratics
    Degree of Honor Class 14 - HP +150, Resist Damage Socratics +5%, Resist Rate cratic +3%
    Degree of Honor Class 15 - HP +150, Resist Damage Socratics +15%, Resist Rate cratic +3%
    Degree of Honor Class 16 - HP +200, Resist Damage Socratics +15%, Resist Rate cratic +5%, +10% Resistance to Immobility
    Degree of Honor Class 17 - HP +200, Resist Damage Socratics +15%, Resist Rate cratic +5%, Resist Immobility +10%, Resist Stun +10%
    Degree of Honor Class 18 - HP +300, Resist Damage Socratics +20%, Resist Rate cratic +7%, Resist Immobility +10%, Resist Stun +10%, Resist +10%
    Degree of Honor Class 19 - HP +400, Resist Damage Socratics +20%, Resist Rate cratic +7%, Resist Immobility +10%, Resist Stun +10%, Resist +10%, Resist Drop +10%
    Degree of Honor Class 20 - HP +500, Resist Damage Socratics +30%, Resist Rate cratic +10%, +15% Resistance to immobility, Resist Stun +15%, Resist +15%, Resist Fall 15%

    The player will be able to select the title you want to enable, in the case, take the Grade 15 and opt for the benefit of Grade 12.
    original Br version by Kormann
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