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    Tutorial Castle Of Illusions

    As the first tutorial and I were friends we made, but Gamemaxx lost, I invited a friend and we again take the SS's to redo it.
    This here!

    Dungeon Name: Castle of Illusion
    Item required for entry: Copy of Apocalipso illusive
    Level required for entry: Level 120 or higher
    Where to get the input item?
    - Dropped by all monsters in the maps of the Lakes Region, Mutant Forest, Pontus Ferrum Infernus and Portal;
    - In the daily quest "The Opener of the Dungeons" NPC "O'Conner (Instructor)" Tundra in Infamous;
    - Buying in the store in exchange NPC "Queen Yekaterina" Tundra in Infamous;
    - Buying in store gmaxx game.

    Entry Location: Lakes Region, Coordinates: X-171, Y-175

    Before starting the dungeon is good to know that fall during the seventh dungeon stones, classified into three types and you can take an extra chest with them, but is only allowed to take a stone for each group member during the tutorial sites will be indicated with the color corresponding to each have stone.

    Well, go to the dungeon, to start click on the "Pile of Bones" for the green barrier disappear!

    Do you find the first boss "Crusek Faello."

    After defeating "Crusek Faello" follow and you will find a green barrier, destroy it.

    Follow up next to another green barrier, in a few seconds "Tartaminos" appears!

    Below you see an image with placement of altars that to release the two mini-bosses is a necessary sequence.
    1 - Move closer to the point 3 (table), there is no need to click on anything.
    2 - Return to point 1 (table), click the first sentence and go toward the point 7.
    The message "WARNING" appears "Bruphy" appears in Item 7 and "Karajoph" appears in section 6.

    If you do not understand the sequence, watch this short video!

    Defeat "Bruphy (1 Orc Commander)."

    Defeat "Karajoph (2 Orc Commander)."

    In this crystal you choose which form of the boss "Bone-Chief" you want to face.
    - 1st sentence: Bone-Chief Axorc of Destruction, so that it comes with multiple mobs, and every time he shouts "Kuoooooooooo" someone will teleport the party to where the crystal is.
    Note If you are a beginner this is the boss better suited to choose from.
    - 2nd sentence: Bone-Chief of Axorc Damn, this way it is ground and uses a curse that applies continuous damage.
    Note This applies boss ongoing damage / piercing blows that can be fatal to players with relatively low defense.
    - 3rd sentence: Bone-Chief Axorc of Healing, in this way it is ground and every time he shouts "Kuoooooooooooo" will regenerate an amount of his HP.
    Note If the damage is not very good group your dungeon could end right here, because he heals a large amount of HP making it difficult to oust him.

    Images of the forms of "Bone-Chief"

    After defeating "Bone-Chief" HURRY UP message appears, run following the right side and find "Ogre, the Watcher," killing him
    the passage to the secret boss will be released.

    Follow and again between the passage to the right, later on you will find "BigCrup Cuawan."

    Return to the main path and you will find a Housing Legacy (FAKE), break it only 1 time and wait for + - 30 seconds, the green barrier will be released.

    Follow until you find and then click the "Empty Cell".

    "Surkhan (1st Commander Harpy)" will appear, defeat it and head.

    You will find a barrier of crystals, destroy.

    Soon after the barrier crystals immediately following the right you will see the crystal in which those who took the stone "GREEN" to click.

    Going up the stairs you will see several harpies, look to kill the closest to the top left of the stairs, one of them is correct that at death "Kierkegaard (2nd Commander Harpy)" appears.
    Defeat "Kierkegaard (2nd Commander Harpy)."

    Continue and you will soon see the place where those who took the stone "RED" to click.

    Later you will find a barrier to destroy the crystals and the front you can see where those who took the stone "BLUE" to click.

    Defeat "Eyagre Maga."

    After defeating "Maga Eyagre" in the same place where the crystal is who took the stone "BLUE" to click.

    Follow until you find another barrier of crystals, some Faelloo's defeat that the barrier will be released soon.

    Follow and face "Kanaph Lycanus."

    After you defeat him, open the chest and approach of the second form crystals that appear Kanaph Lycanus.
    Debuffs that the "Enraged Kanaph Lycanus" apply to you.

    Face the "Enraged Kanaph Lycanus."

    Then just click on each one corresponding to color crystal stone each has his trunk and get extra.

    Now just finish the dungeon.

    "Please notify errors."

    "Want to copy? Then copy, but have the decency to post the credits and source."

    Memories to NewBah, ISplashl, Pres, Neto18 who helped in the previous status.

    Status will also be the link

    - Fixed some errors;
    - Change the sequence of the altars and new video;
    - Added some explanatory text to approach on the rocks (and other suggestion of [MOD] Faith;
    - Textual revisions;

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