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    Tutorial - Siena Altar 2ss

    Tutorial - Altar De Siena 2ss - Fórum Gamemaxx

    Tutorial Altar of Siena 2ss
    Updated: Memorial Sword Episode
    Entry Item: Siena Chest 2ss
    Coordinates: Mutant Forest - X: 123 Y: 97

    Begins the Dungeon

    Click on the monument of the room, where the dungeon starts

    Destroy the Cannibals Mursheds the corridor to access the portal.

    Passing through the corridor, you will find two MARPS Cannibals. You must destroy them at the same time so you can access the next portal.
    Tip: With Archer or Mage, reduce the HP of both halfway and finish killing the dual advantage of BM2 cast.
    An "Hurry UP!" appear, run up to the gate and go before the MARPS born again, otherwise it will destroy them again to go.

    After entering, destroy the gate and face the miniboss Sha Maku (no chest). Once you defeat him, click on the altar located at the left to continue the dungeon. Destroy the gate of fire.

    Below you will find an altar with two pillars. The left and invoke the right MARPS Cannibals Cannibals Mursheds. Collect 5 samples of each one and click on the central altar to access the next room.
    Beware, many born! If you can not all, click on the pillars again to invoke more mobs.

    In the next room, click the seed that is on the right. More MARPS and Mushids appear, only this time, you must defeat the "Polluted". They are one of each and are in the front room.

    Once you defeat them, go back to the previous room and defeat the Boss MakuSha, this time with chest ~ ^
    Click on the seed again to receive the reward. Proceed.

    Go through the corridor of flames and click the right-hand wall. The door will open, defeat the Makus in the room and wait for the Warning of the appearance of the next boss: Siegfried Vanity. Thus it appears, defeat him.

    Once you defeat Siegfried, the portal will be released beginning of the DG, no longer needing to have to kill the two MARPS the beginning to go through the portal.
    Open the chest, click on the altar that is in the same room to release the second form of Siegfried. Defeat it and click again on the altar to receive the reward in honor of more than one trunk.

    Go ahead and destroy the dungeon the first two gates of fire

    Click the next room and pillar of the third door opens

    Go ahead, destroy another gate and click on the pillar on the left to open the next door.
    If you can not click, go through the front gates of both the left and the right and click. Maybe a bug.

    Click on the seed, several Ectofolhas (with name MARPS Cannibals uu) will appear. Defeat them and collect 5 Leaf Remains.
    Go back and delivered on the hearth of the previous room.

    Go ahead and position yourself in the corner. Several Ectofolhas appear, stune with MA or AA, there combe, save sp.
    After a while, several Dorigos appear. Enable BM and defeat the Boss Dorigo Heta. There are two in the room, but there's only one chest as a reward.
    Tip: If you stand exactly in the corner, the second will be lured Heta Dorigo, and can kill both at the same time.

    Optional Quest:
    Release the Cannibals Flowers clicking the Root there in the room, collect 20 samples and delivered the mission to be rewarded with honor points.
    Tip: It is the quest mobs of the board of the soul, it is possible to pass on a trip and is rewarded with 4 points AP.

    Go ahead, destroy the gate of fire, click on the hearth and enter the portal to defeat the Boss Tilia Deviatre.

    After beating her, open the chest that is in the middle of the room and release the second form of Tilia by clicking on the Altar. Click again on the altar when you defeat the second form to receive the reward, and another chest.

    Go ahead, click on the brazier to open the passage and defeat Smeron V. Tricky

    The time has come, Siena Queen is waiting in your room. BM, Aura, Art, Rage, Debuff, whew ...
    Enter the portal and defeat it.
    Tip: Get together on the same corner to split the damage from Piercing attacks.

    Once you destroy Siena, not exit the dungeon, destroy the chest and back through the portal.
    Click the Root on the wall and release the second form of Smeron V. Tricky. Defeat it and click again to receive the reward.

    Back at the beginning of the DG and click on the statue to complete the quest of Siena and win Honor points (Optional)

    Between Siena back in the room, click on the seeds and finish the dungeon.


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