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    [Guide Duelist] Updated

    The main purpose is to influence strategically to all Duelists at any level, to develop and reach the limit proposed by the class.
    In this tutorial is available an overview, where the most relevant points in their journey in Cabal will be dealt with as much clarity as possible.


    - Great Attack
    - 3rd Best Defense
    - 2nd Best HP
    - Improved Evasion
    - Build for easy distribution
    - Great Skills-Most have rate / Critical Damage.
    - Great Over-Buffs.
    - Great BM2, but two desvantgens are: natural target and the high degree of difficulty to run the bug (Weapon-X) perfectly.
    - 2nd Best BM1, has 45 of 50 Rate and Damage.
    - Best solo class for DG.
    - Great Finisher, used in PvP.
    - Great for UP because it has a lot of HP, evasion, defense, skills to fall, and stun area.
    - Bad for high score in TG.
    - Great for TG tactic - Essential to topple towers, the only class that has anti-debuff.
    __________________________________________________ ______________________________

    BUILD-2 - Distribution of points

    The duelist gains the same status in the distribution of points of Strength and Dexterity, ie, the distribution is 4x1. Every 4 points distributed in a power gain of atack, and every 4 sites in 1 atack skill gains as well. Therefore the distribution of strength and dexterity of the player is like, just watch out that the minimum set and ask for weapons. (Sword: Request more Force / Katana: Request more dexterity)
    For - ***
    Int - Minimum application by Sept.
    Des - ***
    To find out if your distribution is correct to split the points for Des For or 4, the result must be whole number.
    __________________________________________________ ______________________________


    - Domain of Vitality
    - Instinct Offensive
    - Defensive Institnto
    - Control of Impact
    - Absorption of Damage
    - Sixth Sense

    For those who like Pk and TG, and also takes Mana Freeze, it is possible to use the slot Domínimo of Mana if no equips the MP to handle this debuff. For it is necessary to achieve the 1650 MP avoiding the combination of eerie and Mana Frezze.
    __________________________________________________ ______________________________

    4 - SKILLS

    1 - Suggested Skill final.
    2 - All skills in order of degree of sword.

    - Double Crescent - replace with the Sujiro Assault after reaching the desired maximum level it will be more useful in pvp.
    - Assault
    - Shatter
    - Arcane Shock
    - Court of the Moon Twin
    - Interference Vital
    - Blades of Fury
    - Black Lightning
    - Deadly Storm


    - Lightning Serve - Good Skill initially but will be replaced, do not buy you earn. [Use it at 9]
    - Thrust Impactante - initially Great skill, great dps, some players use in pvp, but my suggestion is to drop it later on. [Use it at 9]
    - Back - Great skill, her character can go back four cells making your opponent miss their target (Target = Target). The player can make a change with this very functional ability (Slide / backward), the game goes into options / tab set / check the Slide / Teleport to the cursor, so you will choose the direction of recoil with the mouse.
    - Drilling and Cutting - Excellent skill has 10% Critical Rate and 10% Critical Damage, Lightning Drawing by substitute. [Use it at 9]

    - Double Cut - Great ability to lower levels, will use it for a long time. It has 10% Critical Damage, Critical rate 10% and has a short throw. [Use it at 12]
    - Concentration - Buff useless since the duelist has the best precision and requires the game space and slot amount of buff to be used.
    - Slide - Great ability to shift from the moment you add it will arrive much faster to desired locations. The player can make a change with this very functional ability (Slide / backward), the game goes into options / tab set / check the Slide / Teleport to the cursor, so you will choose the direction of recoil with the mouse.
    - Cut Triple - Skill with many benefits not only serves to spend slot.

    - Unbalance - throw with great skill, you can use it in PVP, PVM is already useless. Sujiro not to use it.
    - Strengthens Blade - First attack buff, will be discarded with the arrival of the next buff. [Use a 9 ~ 12]
    - Double Crescent - has 10% / 10% Damage-Cause 70% fall, great for skill up, not so much for PVP because its double-Hit and animation does not appear but are long compared to the damage it causes. [Use it at 20]
    - Deadly Cross - Skill bad, very slow. Sujiro not to use it.

    - Assault - Has 5% rate / 20% Damage, Skill, great skill, and move extremely fast cooling will always use. [Use it at 20]
    - Nebula Dance - Skill angle with good action, but useless because your bid and easily deployed to level with quests. Sujiro not to use it.
    - Shatter - has 5% rate / 20% Damage - Causes 75% fall, great for all situations as long as you use it in combo. [Use it at 20]
    - Arcane Shock - Inflicts Stun 75% stun (Stun), great skill especially for pvp, shorter throw, wider field of action, but it is one of the worst colds. [Use it at 9]

    - Court Circular - Skill useless Sujiro than use
    Energize Blade - Put this in place of buff Strengthens Blade, Blade and wait for Intense. [Use it at 9 ~ 12]
    - Spiral Phantom - Formerly it was a good skill to possess up to an angle of 360 degrees, but today is useless because it will level up before you need it. Sujiro not use it.

    - Court of the Moon Twin - has 5% rate / 20 Damage - Causes 70% drop, use only in pvp, when the enemy tries to run away or are too far away, the great possibility to oust him may give him the victory. [Use it at 9]
    - Vital Interference - Causes Stun 70% stun (Stun), great for all situations bidding his time is one of the best among the skill of DU. [Use it at 20]

    - Cry of Swords - Skill with terrible thing, useless in any situation. Sujiro not to use it.
    - Natural Hiding Place - would be a good anti-debuff if we had not stormy, so that Sujiro not use it because it lacked slots in the future.

    - Blades of Fury - has 10% rate / 10% Damage - Causes 90% Drop, is the strongest skill of Du. This ability is very good, but your time is very long-throw which makes it not very effective for constant use, use it only as finihser. [Use it at 20]
    - Soul Blade - Put in place Energize blade, it is the final atack buff will give you 74 attack at level 20. [Use it at 20]

    - Black Lightning - has 10% rate / 10% Damage, is the second strongest skill of Du, is a good area, its time to bid is less than 3 seconds, his only fault is lack of a fall or lightheadedness. [Use it at 9]

    - Mortal Storm - has 10% rate / 10% Damage - Causes 80% drop, excellent for UP and TG, is a great area, but PVP is not efficient, is slow compared to the damage it causes. [In Usean 9]
    __________________________________________________ ______________________________

    5 - OVERBUFFS / buffs / debuffs

    Buffs - use this order because if you are in PT and receive other group buffs will not miss the most important buffs.

    - Step Illusory - 345 of evasion.
    - Iron Skin - 100 HP and 39 defense.
    - Wall of Auras - 100 HP and 58 defense.
    - Soul Blade - 74 of atack

    OVER-buffs / debuffs - Use this order: Art of power, the field of horror and intense blade. With this sequence will use the maximum overs.

    - Art of power - 400 additional damage for 30 seconds.
    - Field of Horror - Subtract 150 from 500 defense and evasion for 30 seconds.
    - Intense Blade - Sword Amplificaçãp 25% for 30 seconds.
    - Stormy Scream - 100% resistance to fall, immobility, stunning and invested for 45 seconds.
    - Spectral Body - 90% dodge for 45segundos.
    To maximize the damage buffs use of Over-the art power separate from the Field Horror / Intense Blade, so do not waste time bidding on them.


    - Massive Attack - 8% Critical Damage to the group.
    - Protection of Curse - Debuff for Anti-PT, 2 debuffs safe.
    __________________________________________________ ______________________________

    6 - COMBOS

    Combo suggested for PU
    ► ► ► ►
    Mortal Storm [9] - Black Lightning [9] - Shatter [20] - Interference Vital [20] - Double Crescent [20]
    If Bear tanking a little more to change the order of the court and storm.

    After leveling and reach your goal by increasing replace the double assault because it will be more useful for PVP.

    Combo Suggested for PVP
    ► ► ► ► ►
    Assault [20] - Cut Lightning [9] - Assault [20] - Shatter [20] - Interference Vital [20] - Blades of Fury [20] (Use only to end)

    - Shock Arcanum [9] Use according to nescessidade, it is often interesting to use it at first.
    - Cut the Twin Moon [9] Ideal for use in classes that move quickly and make you walk during the combo. This skill should be used infrequently and has no position / sequence sets the bar, use it according to nescessidade, very useful to bring down the long distance adverssário when trying to escape.

    TG-Use the combo with the largest area possible, prepare this case a bar very close or equal to the Up
    __________________________________________________ ______________________________

    7 - Runes

    The game offers 15 slots for runes, divide them into two groups: Primary and Secondary

    I'm giving priority first ease, then the damage and finally those that cost more and more ap will take longer to be really useful.

    - Group 1 XP
    - 2nd Evasion
    - 3 HP
    - 4th Amplification Sword (The Rune giving you more damage)
    - 5 Critical Damage
    - 6th Attack
    - 7th Max Rate (If you have to use it)
    - 8 HP Theft
    - 9th MP

    Runes secondary and equally important, they are equipped Sujiro after the end of the primaries.

    - 10th Defense
    - 11th Force
    - 12th Dexterity
    - 13th Intelligence
    - Resistance Fall 14
    - 15th Stun Resistance (Stun)

    __________________________________________________ ______________________________

    8 - Supreme RUNAS

    You are on the order of best to worst. They may appear to lie but this order was tested.

    For MOB
    - 1st Attack of the prey
    - 2nd indefensible
    - 3rd Sword Dance

    For PLAYER
    - 1 wrist overwhelming
    - Shield Crush 2
    - 3rd Pressure sword
    __________________________________________________ ______________________________

    9 - PET

    I'm giving priority first to the atack and then the resistance, this choice is in agreement with what you do with the game DG, or TG PVP.

    - Amplification of the Sword
    - Critical Rate
    - Max Rate (If you use it)
    - Critical Damage
    - Attack
    - Resistance Rate
    - Damage Resistance
    - Theft of HP
    - HP
    - MP
    __________________________________________________ ______________________________

    10 - WEAPON-X

    The famous Weapon-X is the skill of Du bug, the more complex and practically unbeatable.
    This explanation will divide into 3 parts.

    1 - Knowledge and equipment.
    To run it in the first place you need a good computer and a net in the second mouse and keyboard need, in theory the third, and fourth and last place muitooo training.

    2 - How to weapon-x?
    You need to attack, to cancel and retarget the right time. One detail that is easy to configure a button to cancel your choice - Go into options / macro / select my character, (I use F5 to cancel and to attack 8) some people can run the Auto-X Wepon Atack on and other with it off, find out what is best for you.

    3 Running Weapon-x
    Attack - Cancel - Meixa the mouse lightly and click -> Repeat this sequence without interruption!
    Watch the video, listen for the mouse and click on telcado do to get the time.
    NOTE: No need to fast as in the video, first learn as slowly as possible, when master HitCancel successively increase the speed.

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