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    Tutorial - Beginners Warriors

    Beginners Guide to Warriors

    # # The Warrior
    Hello adventurers, want to venture in this class? Great!
    Let the strengths of the class.
    - Great Defense
    - Great HP
    - Great Attack (Ogro!)
    - Skills slow
    - No stun
    In situations where the warriors have more advantages?
    Well into the game we have different situations that you will find.
    First: Leveling (Hitting normal monsters, maps)
    Here is quiet, like a warrior has a natural defense and hp too high. Will be relaxed to level alone and in groups.
    Second: Dungeons (Solo Dungeons)
    There are quests and dungeons in the cabal, and these are the main way to get money you enter the game.
    And when the fighter enters alone in these places, we have several buffs that help us.
    The warrior is great when facing these dungeons alone. Regarding this you will hear the term "GU DG is good for solar."
    Third: Dungeons (Dungeons Group)
    Other missions, have a great difficulty and you can call your friends to help you! And being able to reach the final.
    An excellent class as a companion Group is the Magician, he has a technique that regenerates the SP character. Otherwise the bufs warrior, the magician makes a very powerful ... thus making you an excellent duo.

    # # Attribute Points
    All in force!
    Just like that? That's right!
    Just put enough INT and DEX to use their equipment.
    Ex: If you have an Osmium Armor +3 asking [421 IS | 53 INT | 105 DEX], just put 53 int and 105 dexterity, the rest all in force.

    # # Skills

    # Combos
    During his way, before the lv 100, you must use the skills you have on your level.
    Example: free fall, shock sword, condemnation spiral. among many others.
    They are very useful during the level up. But after a while some will be irrelevant. (Example of condemnation spiral)
    The top tip is DO NOT BUY EARTHQUAKE. this is the only skill in gu, which deserves to be forgotten.
    So to make a good make up for UP. Use the skills you have. Do not be afraid.
    Example lv combo below:

    # Battle Mode 1 (BM1) and Battle Mode 2 (BM2) and Aura Battle
    BM1 -> This is the first battle mode. Consumes 1 SP bar (yellow) and you add some cool attributes.
    Aura -> Spend SP +1 bar and adds some attributes, but adds DAMAGE RATE and (very useful over time)
    BM2 -> Large scythe! Here the hallmark of the Warrior. You attack with normal attack! ... And this attack is so painful! Be careful when using BM2 and uPAR, because it causes "invested" in monsters. That means that they will fall and will be played backwards. This makes it very difficult when you want to group the mobs.
    At the beginning. Can only be used aura OR OR OR BM1 BM2 OR Combo Skill
    Throughout the level up you can have:
    -> BM1 + combo
    -> Aura + BM1
    -> BM1 + Aura + Combo
    -> BM2 + Aura
    But I never could have BM2 + Aura + Combo .... because you can not combo using BM2.

    # As "bugar" or "do hit cancel" the BM2
    -> Actually, not quite a bug.Consiste to change target or even cancel the target while attacking a monster / player, making the count of his deHITS BM2 reset (ie you back to the 1st HIT )
    But why would I do that?
    -> Simple, is to give our BM2 HITS 4, and 4 ° HIT despite having the highest attack is very slow, and for being slow and much reduces our DPS.
    How do I "Bugo" then?
    -> After the new update, we gain a new way to "bugar" BM.Ela Our target is to give our own char.Faça the following: The press, va is Options, then StickyKeys, as shown below :

    -> Where does it select my character, you choose the button that best fits in your bar to BM2 (I suggest the prórpio F5). After that, every time you press F5, the target that was previously in the monster / player will aim to your char.
    I have heard that the ESC also works ...
    -> Yes, pressing ESC was the target before the target will disappear and you will have to click on the monster / player after that.
    A, you just explained where I have to push, and not do -. -
    -> Take it easy, I explicar.Enquanto you are hitting the target with their BM2 when they arrive in the 3rd HITS HIT, before the 4th
    HIT you press one of the keys mentioned above (or my character to select your choice).
    Using the ESC, the target of the target will disappear and you will have to quickly click on the target, and after that their count of HIT BM2 back to the 1st HIT.
    Using the Select button personagema my choice, the target will go to your character and you have to click quickly on the target and your score will return to the HIT HIT 1.
    It takes practice to learn it perfectly!
    (Text taken from the tutorial Solidor)

    # Warrior TG / PK
    Gu is great for PK and TG.
    Due to the high HP and great defense.
    The only thing that is a skill for EA called "freezing mana" (damn AEs)
    Easily insurmountable if a friend gives you Mago "Amplify" ....
    Tips for PK
    -> Do not attack GA art.
    -> Do not be afraid to use retreat. It is a very nice skill.
    -> Use brandish whenever possible.
    -> Do not attack GA art.
    -> If the opponent using BM2 .... tbm use BM2 ... otherwise you will patrolado.
    -> Cry Stormy is your best friend during the BM2.
    -> You have 900 HP .. and your enemy is almost full .... do not think a hurricane will save his life.
    -> Do not attack GA art.
    -> Attack the archer and mage they should always die first.
    -> If you're VERY thought out, and wants to show who is lord of all, the strongest of the gang? GA does not attack art.

    # Equipment

    # Amount or Daika
    Amount has three points of attack than Daikatana.
    But there is a difference of prerequisites (dexterity) too high.
    Skill requirements for each material with an improvement between +7 and +15:
    Daikatana of TTN [128 dex]
    Daikatana osmium [dex 170]
    Osmium Daikatana of Crimson [170 dex]
    Daikatana SigMetal of [?? dex]
    Daikatana Lycanus of [?? dex]
    Mithril Daikatana [204 dex]
    Note: The requirements of any item, the increase to +7 ... thereafter, remain the same value.
    This difference in skill, makes the FORCE attribute is smaller .... so we miss attack.
    But because of that little problem, Daikatana is much cheaper than that amount. Making the cost benefit of it very good for the less fortunate.
    Amount: Want a gun otmia? top? Needs to be ... amount.
    Daikatana: He has money short, and do not mind losing 10 ~ 12 attack? .... Can take a Daikatana and claim lives, with much lower investment.

    # Bracelets
    The bracelets can be the Fighter (increase your damage) or extortion (increase THEFT HP)
    When you need a "vampire" use a bracelet and another fighter of extortion ... and when your HP is full, switch back to two bracelets of fighter.

    # WHAT I have a pet?
    For warriors, our focus is total amp / Fee / Damage / Attack / HP Theft.
    For some it is very useful to have "max rate" in the pet (for those who have weapons with craft rate)
    Note: theft HP is good, but 1% is already enough in the pet.
    The ideal is to leave only the stolen rune. (3% is more than sufficient)

    # TTN, or Osmium The Guard?
    This question is very common.
    We will then analyze the basic status:
    Handle TTN +9 [96 Defense / 158 HP]
    Handle Osmium +9 [106 Defense / 206 HP]
    Handle +9 Guard [116 Defense / 211 HP] (no slot)
    Handle +9 Guard [122 Defense / 221 HP] (with slot)
    Handle TTN +15 [135 Defense / 293 HP]
    We see that the difference between TTN and Osmium is very little, and the value of which is very different.
    And the advantage of TTN +15 is huge. Being a very good number to use (especially if it is not connected to the character / account)
    Furthermore, with TTN have the opportunity to extend and add THEFT HP .... which is very useful to level below 180.

    # Many amounts, which should I choose?
    Is a set amount of its rings and helmet.
    In convey low (100 ~ 140) is recommended to use the MTT-rate craft with craft and helmet tbm rate.
    So your rate will reach around 50%, and help you pay much more for solar Colabouços T1 and DX
    With a little better equips, and knowing well how to focus your character, oh yes you can choose to craft a mtt with damage (72% damage) or craft amp (14 amp% [40% damage]) .. . both very good

    WHAT # is better, fee or damage?
    Depends on the situation, to solo a boss, you need to charge, charge a lot ...
    To close a dungeon alone, you need to amp rate.
    To post SS "show your critical" .... oh you need damage.
    To show his friend "Ahhhh I scribed the 1500 earthquake" ... you need damage and amp.
    In short, tax is required to have a good yield in the game, and having it be a good level (50 ~ 55%) al focus on increasing their damage.

    # I'm starting now, it has a "magic formula" for my equips?
    The basic pattern that the GU is just starting the game. And not many Alz.
    Amount: 8% osmium rate [injury / damage] +9
    Elmo: osmium 8% rate [injury / damage] +9
    (Option 1) Handle / puttee / Armor: Guard 5% sword amp. +6 ~ +8
    (Option 2) Handle / puttee / Armor: TTN 5% sword amp. +6 ~ +8
    2x Bracelet of Fighter +3
    1x +3 Band of extortion
    3x ring of luck +1
    2x +1 rings of the critical
    Dragona Fighter +6
    white board or the wolf does not know how many there ...
    Belt vital
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