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    the War Z base hook source code - ESP, screenshot cleaner

    Working as of 2013-05-20

    Update 2013-05-21
    - Fixed memory leak
    - Fixed race-condition
    - Added unhooking/ejecting (F9)
    - "Fixed" player ESP crash

    You can download the entire WarZ hack project check it out over at asbra .net /wp-content /uploads /2013 /05 /asbra. net_ WarZ_ public. zip . Project is written in C++ using Visual Studio 2010.
    The only thing I have not included is text rendering. I did not want to publicize the font library I’m using, so you will have to find an alternative if you need it
    I apologize beforehand for the mixed notation. Some parts are documented, other parts.. not so much.

    If the game is updated classes might change. It is unlikely that I will keep them maintained. For the latest updated classes, see this thread on UC[/URL].

    Basic box ESP
    Player ESP – shows player name, health, distance
    Zombie ESP – shows zombie distance
    Item ESP shows item name, ammunition, weight, amount of money, etc.
    Screenshot cleaner
    Basic crosshair

    Will I get banned for using this?
    Currently they only check screenshots on client side, and this contains a screenshot cleaner that will make all your screenshots look like you don’t have any hack. However in the future they might add more advanced anti-cheat techniques to for example detect the way that I am hooking the D3D-functions, at that point it will be a different thing altogether

    Since the War Z source code was leaked a lot changed. I have renamed all my classes and reworked some things to fit the actual names from the source code. Up to that point they had been based on string references and guessing (as so often in RE).

    I might write some things here later, on what you can do to improve/modify this base, etc.

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