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    [Snippet] Address Offset Retreiver

    Now, in DLL injection there is direct pointer writing, where you can write the value of an address directly. Now have you ever used cheat engine to find a value, and it has the address "client.dll+12345" or something like that, and you are thinking what the hell? Well this is a basic header file + function that can be used to retrieve that address.
    //GetAddress.h Made by lilneo
    DWORD GetAddress(DWORD addie, LPCSTR module)
    DWORD addie1=(DWORD)GetModuleHandle(module);
    DWORD addie2=addie;
    DWORD address = addie1+addie2;
    return address;
    return NULL;

    I made it super simple, all you have to do is say we want a pointer to our address engine.dll+23456

    DWORD* OurAddress = (DWORD*)GetAddress(0x53456,"engine.dll");

    and viola, when you change *OurAddress it will write directly to whatever address specified.

    Note: I know this is a SUPER simple method, but when I first attempted it I had more trouble than I hoped.

    by lilneo
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