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    [C++] Simple Scanning Memory and Reading

    A simple function to search through a defined section of memory. This should not be used for large memory searches. This code assumes you are injected into the process.

    Простой пример поиск определенного значения в памяти

     DWORD __inline MemorySearch(DWORD dwSearchStart, int iSearchLength, BYTE *search, int iSearchSize)

    unsigned char *ptr = (unsigned char *)dwSearchStart;
    unsigned char *ss;
    for (int i=0; i< (int) iSearchLength;i++)
    if (memcmp(ptr+i,search,iSearchSize) == 0) {
    return (i);
    return NULL;

    Simple code bit to retrieve a value using a pointer + offset model. This code assumes you are injected into the process.

    Пример кода получения определенного значения из памяти через указатель
     int static GetDword(DWOR charPtr, DWORD offset)
    DWORD *ptr = NULL;
    ptr = (DWORD *)(charPtr+offset);
    return *ptr;
    catch( char * str ) {
    return 1; // Return whatever error value you want.
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