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    TriWar Bot - Tribalwars bot

    Bot functions/features:
    • building/destroy queye
    • sending army as attack/help
      • sending many attack in one "out" second
      • sending many attack, from different villages, to different villages in one "in" second
    • one sending army task as farm attack
    • sending resources between cities
    • auto login when session expires
    • recognition of code image(CAPTCHA) and writing it(you can bot 24/7 without any prompt messages)
    • coins coint in cities
    • gathering stats of building levels, army, resources
    • attack coordinator

    • Installed .NET 4.0
    • for Windows 7 - Internet Explorer 9
    • for Windows Vista - service pack 2 and Internet Explorer 9
    • for Windows XP - service pack 3 and Internet Explorer 8

    some images shows what you can do with this bot(images are in polish language):
    sending army in one "out" second

    sending army in one in second by using attack coordinator

    Bot tutorials on youtube in english(sry for it ):

    Part 1 - logging to bot server and bot activation

    Part 2 - shows how to start, add villages and create building queue

    Part 3 - shows how to create sending army tasks, use attack coordinator and creating farming task

    Part 4 - shows how to recruit army and sending resources

    Before each update, make backup of "settings.dat" file
    After download, just replace .EXE file only, and "settings.dat" left the same(with your bot settings)
    Remember about "settings.dat" file backup !!!


    Virus scans

    Please register or login to download attachments.

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    I can't count you this thread, because all job was done by me

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