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    Grepolis Useful Tools to optimize game experience

    Multilingual links, resources info, troop movements, storage countdown, multi-sheet notepad, BBCode converter for attack and spy reports, personal Grepostats links, additional BBCode options in profile and messages, buildings' levels, modified navigation, preferences and help page - everything you nee in order to optimize your game experience!

    Warning: Despite of some problems and bugs, this script is usable at game start. Problems may come once you get more then one village. Since the script uses a CC license, feel free to create a clon of this script, if you know how to improve it.

    Some layout/other improvements to Grepolis.
    • ressources/hour and favor/hour displayed next to current ressources
    • notepad, 7 individual sheets, saves beyond the session
    • report to bbcode converter (battle and spy reports)
    • draggable and toggle-able widgets
    • storage countdowns
    • troop movements
    • buildings' levels on town overview
    • links displayed in ES, DE, FR, PL, HU, PT, RO, CZ, GR, IT, SV, NL or EN (default)
    • quick bb codes and reinitialisation button on text messages and profile
    • direct links to player's and his alliances's stats on Grepostats
    • modified navigation and other various layout changes
    • preferences menu
    • help page

    If you want to make a translation, change these values in script:
    • main: "Senate",
    • barracks: "Barracks",
    • academy: "Academy",
    • docks: "Harbour",
    • market: "Marketplace",
    • place: "Agora",
    • temple: "Temple",
    • wall: "Wall",
    • sim: "Simulator",
    • storage: "Storage",
    • lumber: "Lumber",
    • stone: "Stone",
    • iron: "Iron"


    Get the script

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