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    [Guide] Unique Features of Battle of the Immortals

    Induction System

    The induction system is the BoI’s way of rewarding players who are diligent in trying to recruit more players into the game. This systems provides bonuses to both the Inductor (The existing players who recruit), and both the Inductees (The new players who get recruited).

    There are no special bonuses as to whose induction codes are better. All you need to make sure is that the Inductor and Inductees need to be making and playing on the same server.

    The following details how and why to use the induction system to your advantage:

    Existing Players:

    Locate the Induction ID:
    The BoI induction ID is located by click the “Func” button in the lower right hand corner of your screen. Continue to click the "Induct." button from the tiny menu. You can then find your unique ID will be on the screen that pops up.

    Benefit for Existing Players:
    Bonus points: After your inductee reaches level 45, you will get a percentage of any purchase they make using ZEN in the marketplace as bonus points. The percentage increases as your inductee levels up.

    Salary Reward:
    You receive a salary reward from your inductee after they reach level 60.

    New Players or Alternate Accounts:

    Using the Induction ID:
    The induction ID that you use must be from the same server that you are making a character on. Copy the code and type or paste it into the character customization screen at the upper left hand corner.

    Benefit for New Players or Alternate Accounts:
    Free equipment:
    The starter equipment that is good all the way until level 30 or level 45 with upgrades. They make life easy for any newcomers in the game.

    Free Pet:
    The pet Magic Element or Silkworm is rewarded at level 20.

    Bonus Weapon:
    You get a bonus weapon at level 30.

    You get to use the Title: Noble of the Atlantis

    Induction ID

    Input the Code:
    Click the “Func” button in the lower right hand corner of your screen. Then you can press the introduct button and input in an ID number.

    Receiving Your Items:
    Go to Atlantis and talk to NPC Medea the new player assistant. Note that you might not receive the starter armors.

    Marriage System and Skills

    There are only a few benefits in terms of some additional marriage skills. The skills become available as the couple players spend more in-game time together. However, these skills do have their limitations such as long cool down time and they can only be used for the married couples. This guide will detail out the requirement, cost, process, and skills available in Battle of the Immortals marriage system.


    • Sex: The two players must be one male and one female.
    • Level: Both characters must be at least level 50
    • Friendship: The two characters must have a minimum of 10,000 friendship points.


    Basic weddings: This type of wedding requires a fee of 1.68 million coins. NPC Temoross processes the ceremony which ends in a fireworks display.
    Deluxe weddings: This type of wedding is more elaborate but however will require 15,000 additional credits for the Wedding Pack in the credit shop PLUS the 1.68 coins cost. The Wedding Pack comes with ceremonial fashion for the bride & groom, wedding rings, and the privilege to reserve the Garden of Gentleness.
    You can invite guests to the wedding follows with a reception in Atlantis. During the receptions, tables appear around the main fountain and players can dig for special food items that replenish HP/MP.

    Process – Love Quest and the Love Seed

    You will receive a Love Quest that sends you to the Realm of Dreams once the fee is paid. Talk to the Fairy of Love and the NPC until you receive the Love Seed. It is important that the both players in party need to complete this quest before they can be officially married.
    Check Your Marriage Status
    Open up your Friend’s List. Your spouse's name will appear with the tag [Husband] or [Wife] next to his/her name. By clicking the “Marry” button, you can check the marriage certificate which will show your spouse’s name, date and time of the wedding, marriage level, and the bliss level.

    Marriage and Bliss Level

    Marriage level increases by 1 point for each day of marriage.
    Bliss level increases by 1 point for each minute you and your partner are partied together. However, you need to be on the same realm and within certain proximity of each other for bliss to increase.

    Each level of bliss takes increasingly longer to attain. Which means that obtaining all skills will take some time

    Marriage Skill

    As bliss increases, you earn different skills:
    • Privities – Available Right Away, No Range, Passive. You get 5% exp bonus when killing monsters with your spouse.
    • Eye Contact – Available at 15 Bliss, 30 minute cooldown time.
    • Teleport to your spouse instantly.
    • Persistence – Available at 30 Bliss
    • Cure your partner of ailments.
    • Heartbeat – Available at 50 Bliss, 15 Meters Range, 24 Hours cooldown time. Revive your partner from death.

    To divorce your spouse, visit NPC Temoross.
    Mutual divorce costs 10,000 coins and clears all marriage benefits acquired.
    Non-mutual divorce costs 20,000 coins, and clears marriage benefits.
    Friendship points between the divorced couple is not cleared after the divorce.

    Mastership and Disciple

    The mastership/disciple system in the Battle of the Immortals encourages higher level players helping out lower level characters. This guide will explain some of the more common for you to take advantage of this system.

    Become a Master:
    At level 45, players can get a 3-part quest from Gallaja in Atlantis. You will be asked to kill various monsters and collect items. Once you finished those quests, you are given another quest for the Mastership relic, which gives physical defense and magic defense bonuses. It should be noted that you do NOT need to finish this quest in order to take other people as disciples.

    Add a Disciple
    To get a disciple, you must be friends and in a party of only you two together. Talk to the Disciple NPC in Atlantis, and you and the other player will become master and disciple. The amount of your friendship points does not matter for you to become masters and disciples.

    Bonus to Masters
    The Master and disciple will gain bonus EXP & coins every time the disciple reaches a 10 level interval (30/40/50/60/70). You still get the level bonuses even if the Master and the Disciple are not on at the same time. The bonus also includes tutorship rimes which can be traded in at another NPC in Atlantis (Hilver) for Crystal of Friendship. Crystal of Friendship can be used to upgrade the Mastership relic.

    Honor and the Glory Shop
    Do Knights Jail with your disciple. Master must be leader and choose the Apprentice option as well as the mission, master should then have a quest to kill the last boss the a tutor star stamp as reward. Repeat this up to 5 times per day because you can only run Knight’s Jail 5 times daily. Visit the tent shop next to the NPC that you get the master quest originally.

    It should be noted that some item names are mis-translated in that shop. “Glory” in the shop should be noted as Honor.

    Glory Level 1 rewards you EXP.
    Glory’s Light rewards you with 2,500 Honor.
    Bean Knight Growth Card will give you a mini pet.

    Mastership Level
    Honor is required to level up the Mastership Level
    • Level 1: Maximum 3 disciples
    • Level 2: Maximum 4 disciples. 40,000+ Honor required for upgrade.

    Alms Marketplace
    To buy items from the Alms marketplace, you must have alms. To gain alms, you need to party with a player 20 levels or more below you. It is the best that the highest level to be set as leader. The party must be in Leading/Mastership mode to gain alms. In addition, you must fight in Dragon Emperor's crypt, Specter Island, Giza Pyramid, and Lava Heights. While in this mode, you'll also gain pro exp, which can increase your pro level. This in turn, as it gets higher, will allow you to earn alms faster.

    Bonus to Disciples
    The disciple will gain bonus EXP & coins every time the disciple reaches a 10 level interval (30/40/50/60/70). You still get the level bonuses even if the Master and the Disciple are not on at the same time.

    Light of Devotion Quest
    The Light of Devotion quest is on every Wed & Sun. There is not level limitation between you and the disciple. You would be asked to run to some coordinates (Atlantis Sea -> Easter Island -> Atlantis Ocean -> Bermuda -> NileRiver -> GrandRift -> Back to Hilver NPC).

    • Sea of Atlantis(243,174)
    • Easter Islands South(65,106)
    • Atlantic Ocean(187,81)
    • Bermuda Islands(48,52)
    • Go to the Teleporter in Bermuda Islands(135,247)
    • Teleport to Nile River West,
    • Nile River West(99,108)
    • Go to Nile River Teleporter Nile River West(144,181)
    • Teleport to Grand Rift
    • Grand Rift(271,154)
    • Use the Town Portal skill and go to Atlantis(136,187)
    • Talk to Hilver and finish quest.

    It is not necessary to kill the mob that spawns sometimes. The exp you get for devotion quest is around 2mil exp which is scalable to your level.

    Once a disciple hits level 75, the Master has to initiate a graduation ceremony. You go back to the NPC that started your tutorship with only the two of you in the party with the master as the leader. Then hit the graduate disciple option. It will prompt your disciple to answer a question something like "How well did your master treat you?"

    Choose the best answer will result in: (1) the Master gets around 20 million exp at around level 80 and 50 tutor stars. (2) The disciple gets around 11 million exp and some friendship rimes

    After Graduation
    The disciple will still show as your disciple in the friend list. The disciple can still use wings of disciple and you can still accept tutor star quest with that specific character. However he will not count toward your maximum number of disciple.
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