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    New Patch 1.8 ...

    On this new patch 1.8 multi client launcher don't work ... i don't know for bot but i see some ppl complaining about it so i'm guessing bot don't work ether ...
    If any1 have some new info about launcher/bot plz post here
    Thx ...
    -- 2010-11-10, 19:06 --
    Well i found a new multi client for 1.8 ver.
    A way to use it : put the excecutable on the bin folder and just run, remember to run like administrator if u are in a vista/7 ...

    If someone find some working bot feel free to post it here is u want to share it ofc ...

    I'll try to find some working bot as soon as i do u will have it here on my post ...

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    Re: New Patch 1.8 ...

    i just appreciate what u are doing and wanna share this with u.. it doesnt works fine for me^^ either i dont think it will work for u, but can be a hope after the coming update and the other bots DIE this way.. may be some programmer can update the dll file for us.. GL all and thanx for advisers

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    Re: New Patch 1.8 ...

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