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    Thumbs up New BOI Server 2019 (BOI Salvation)

    Hi there,

    Today, i'm proud to announce you about the release of the BOI Salvation server system.
    After you make an account here, plese folow the steps from forum and register an BOI account then download your client and please don't forget to write down your user and your password.
    For BOI account, Please use only letters for password.

    1. We made all instances able to be play-ed in solo mode.
    If you have a good balanced character you cand do all of them by yourself.
    The instances remain able to be play-ed in Party's.

    2. We made some modifications at the zen system, salary and coin system, made it more usable and not so agresive like the original one.

    3. We modified the Guild System, so from now on we can manage more easily the amount of resources that a guild consumes. Made a little bit easy to make your own guild.

    4. We modified the stupid power system and all stones atributes to obtain a better game experience.
    We boosted the stones and other effects to can play a nice game.

    5. We made some minors and slight modifications to the Pet's.

    5a. This means we boost a number of 10 or 20 pets at some inimaginable growths and atributes and
    boost all other pets in general to can get a stable game experience.

    5b. If you remember (old players) another Boi Owner made a pet, on his name Zippo or Zippy at huge growth...

    6. We think the modificated market is better then the original. We add almost all needed items on the zen market to can use them in game.

    7. We modified some features of the server and from now on, at every login,
    after introducing the account password you will need to write a second password code auto-generated and random
    by the server, a second layer of security.

    8. Technical details:
    Gem maxim level is 8, because if we make it higher the game will be unstable,
    Exp level is 25% and the drop level is same 25%.

    Thanks & Enjoy !!!

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