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    Create Thread (EX)

    Create Thread
    Consiste em chamar um sub processo , no processo alvo importa as funções do Windows Kernel32.dll

    Is to call a sub process, the target process imports the functions of Windows Kernel32.dll


    proc fnThread
    push 0 ;uType
    push _cpt ;lpCaption
    push _txt ;lpText
    push 0 ;hWnd
    call [MessageBox]
    push 0 ;dwExitCode
    call [ExitThread]

    push dword ptr _tid ;lpThreadId
    push 0 ;dwCreationFlags
    push NULL ;lpParameter
    push dword ptr fnThread ;lpStartAddress
    push 0 ;dwStackSize
    push NULL ;lpThreadAttributes
    call [CreateThread]
    push 0
    call [ExitProcess]

    section '.data' code readable

    _cpt db 'lpCaption[FASM]', 0
    _txt db 'lpText[FASM]', 0
    _tid dd ?

    section '.idata' import data readable

    library user, 'USER32.DLL',\
    kernel32, 'KERNEL32.DLL'

    import user,\
    MessageBox, 'MessageBoxA'

    import kernel32,\
    CreateThread, 'CreateThread',\
    ExitThread, 'ExitThread',\
    ExitProcess, 'ExitProcess'
    Exemplo de Create Thread em assembly.

    A mesma função para chamar uma thread em sua Dll hacker em pascal. Só que essa é em linguagem de baixo nivel (Assembly).

    Example of Create Thread in assembly.

    The same function to call a thread in dll hacker in his Paschal. Except that this language is low level (assembly). Consists of calling a sub process, the target process imports the functions of Windows Kernel32.dll


    WriteProcessMemory Trampoline Função da Windows Kernel32.dll

    push lpNumberOfBytesWritten ;out
    push nSize ;in
    push lpBuffer ;in
    push lpBaseAddress ;in
    push hProcess ;in
    CALL @WriteProcessMemoryTrampoline

    mov eax, WriteProcessMemory ; IAT

    mov eax, [eax+2] ; .idata

    mov eax, [eax] ; kernel32.WriteProcessMemory

    add eax, 5 ; kernel32.WriteProcessMemory+5

    mov edi, edi ; emulate first instruction

    push ebp ; emulate second instruction

    mov ebp, esp ; emulate third instruction

    jmp eax ; JMP to kernel32.WriteProcessMemory+5
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