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    Hello everyone, I would just like to discuss the ins and outs of xtrap, if you have any information I would love to hear it. I'm currently trying messing around with xtrap in different games and I haven't been able to fully dissect it nor kill it. I heard its the easiest hacking prevention guard you can start with. I've tried multitudes of olly/win32dsm/suspenders but I haven't had much luck. The game I'm trying to exploit at the moment is currently in closed beta and it seems both xtrap and the game are intertwined. Currently when I open this game when it loads up everything patches and when the game is actually loaded xtrap.xt, I can suspend both the game and xtrap.xt open cheatengine and search at will but i have to unload all the addresses save it as a cheat table exit out of cheatengine and then unsuspend change values from the game then repeat to do anything, to my luck hp values were found and changed and I was able to unsuspend everything with Cheat engine up and watch the values change before it crashed a half second later.

    Currently reading all the xtrap threads on the forums.
    I would also like to add, that this isnt a TELL ME HOW TO BYPASS IT thread, its only a discussion of x-trap in general.

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