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    Anime/Manga recommendation thread

    Hey folks,

    I recently register me to this site only to ask you guys why nobody has made a topic about "recommend Anime and Manga"Basically you suggest someone an Anime based on their category they are searching for and summerize the most important content of it.

    My last time I watched an Anime was like 1 years before. So can you recommend me some nice action, horror, thriller anime?

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    Action/horror/thriller? hmmm

    How about Paprika. Very psychological background. Machines can dive into people's dreams and steal hopes sorrow and wishes. The target is a guy and a young female girl called Paprika is the one who can stop all this and save him from loosing his sense of self-worth.

    It is a psy-thriller and if you know Satoshi Kon then you know he is famous for animes with very deep psychological background stories. Familiar character design and overall it's typical Kon's work, my recommendation.

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    Dunno If you still read here...
    For action I would suggest some classic one like Akira and for the horror Lily C.A.T. which is some great space horror movie inspired by the alien series.

    And for thriller, dunno...

    However, there're lots of good animes to watch. like Ghost in the shell, appleseed, mononoke, and so many more

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