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    [GUIDE] No Skill Animation with CE

    What do you need?
    - CE (any version will do as long you disable GG)

    How? (Assuming your Aion already running)

    • Select Aion.bin from process list.
    • Click on Memory View, you should get a pop up after that.
    • Lets forget about the top section, focus on the one at the bottom.
    • Right click on the bottom section and select "Search Memory".
    • Second pop up should appear by now, thick "(Array of) byte"
    • On "Array to scan" section, fill in 70000000 (FROM) and 7FFFFFFF (TO)
    • Now in the text input box fill in these numbers "60 09 60 09 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 FF FF FF FF", and press "ok" to do the search.
    • once the result appear, select number "60", right click and select "add this address to the list", Type "Float" and you can close that memory viewer pop up after that.
    • Now you should have 1 address in ur CE, by default the value should be 2.6xxxxxxxxxxxE-33, freeze that value and change it to 2.7xxxxxxxxxxxE-33, you dont need to change the rest of the numbers, just change from 6 to 7 and enjoy the skill no animation.

    This is not static address, so everytime you login the address of the skill animation will be always different, but you can always find it again using the method above, since the range always within 70000000 to 7FFFFFFF. If you want to make pointer, go ahead but it might take a while.

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    Re: [GUIDE] No Skill Animation with CE

    Hmm let me go ahead and fix this up for you, its been awhile since i've played aion but I remember this pretty clearly.

    • The attack animation is actually 2 numbers 2 bytes each side by side
    • How to find this number is to do a 2 byte search of your attack speed if its 2.5 if I remember right its 25
    • those numbers sit side by side for division Attack Speed1/Attack speed=Animation Speed

    Its pretty obvious the numbers are not floats.. Take your method of finding the value then take the first 2 bytes and display the number you will see.

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    what does "CE" and "GG" means? (gg=game guard?)

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