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    [Guide] Botting for the best possible results

    Botting for the best possible results

    This guide was written for Angelbot users

    1. No class is unbottable. I have personally botted them all, some just take abit more care in your profile and your patrols.

    2. There is no ultimate class for botting either. They all have different strengths and weaknesses. Bot the classes you wish to play.

    3. Do not bot before lvl12 minimum. Nc soft watch the very early chars more so than most (for obvious reasons). It is fast and easy to manually play your char to this level. Scout classes may also wish to wait for afew more levels before botting also, you can bot them at 12 but really the results arent as good as manual play and lets face it these levels are very easy to play and levels come fast enough.

    4. Avoid as often as possible using well known Bot spots. If there are obvious bots when you arrive then its time to move on. This is because if they get investigated and your next to them chances are you might get figured for botting also.

    5. Do be lazy on creating your profile or making your own waypoints (if you use Angelbot). Your botting and saving yourself alot of time. Do not skimp on your bot it simply isnt worth it.
    If everyone is running around using the same profiles and waypoints from the forum this in itself is an account risk for you. I would suggest you base your profile and waypoint patrols around those others post but also make your own from scratch. Find your own botting spots also away from the main crowd. I have many lvl50 chars on one account that has been active since preorder. I think ive kept it because of mostly these reasons.

    6. Dont be greedy. Botting 24/7 is plain stupid and flags to Nc soft that you are a bot and no question of it. Personally I do not bot during the day time at all and never have.
    I bot from the early hours till 9am max. Remember Nc soft wishes to eliminate gold sellers. Botters that are botting 24/7 give the impression that they are using a hacked account and maximising it b4 its taken back.

    7. Learn about your class. Experiment by manual play to find out the very best skill order for the fastest kills. Once you have this then use these skills in exactly this order for your character skill profile. Start off by using 1 sec cast for instant cast skills and cast time plus 0.3 for others. Start the bot and test it. Have the keypress window open and check that everything is firing. Once everything is then the next mission is to reduce the cast time so that everyskill still fires but everything moves as fast as possible. Maximise your char!

    8. Before leaving your char to run a waypoint patrol that is new make sure you test it. Personally I watch mine for about 30mins to 1hour to make sure its right. Once ive tested it like this and perfected it then its ready to be left running while I sleep....and not before!
    The last thing you want is to fall of a cliff or get stuck between 2 objects. If others see you then its pretty obvious your a bot......and you will find non botters really dont like us much...hehe. This is another way to lose your account of course. Again...invest your time and it will pay off.

    9. Test various botting spots when you become higher level. Look at the xp per hour and favour the one that is highest. Its good to change locations every few days...even if your going back and forth between a couple.

    10. When choosing waypoint patrol places it is really best to avoid killing mobs that are needed for a quest. The new repeatable quests being a good example of this. These are traffic areas and frankly people will realise your botting after a while and your simply going to get reported.

    11. Make your own legion... for under 10k you get 24 bank slots and a tag under your name. Dont make the name so good that people send you tells to join it
    Having a legion makes you look less obvious as a bot.

    12. Use invisible mode...your friends will wonder whats up when you dont reply to them and people will ask you into grps and think your rude when you dont reply also.

    13. Play the game also....get a good title for your level and make sure you have reasonable gear for level also. This will make your botting easier also. Doing the campaign quests is also a must because without them you are blocked from doing other things.

    14. When you do play dont act like a fool. Abuse and careless play can lead to reporting and if a gm contacts you about a report and your afk botting..../bye!
    Also being a fool, abusing others and generally being abusive and silly isnt good for the community either. Yes its the internet but it doesnt make you big or clever...just a fool!

    15. Before you bot make sure you have been off the game for around 10 minutes. This resets your time played time fully and for sure. When you bot set your botting time to max 8 hours. Personally I tend to make it 7 hours tops and often just 6.

    16. Use these forums. We have some knowledgeable people here and if you are having an issue we want to help you. So say you have just made a new char and want some info relative to that class then check out the class section of the forum. More often than not someone else has had the same issue and the answers will be held within that section. For speed you could also use the search function within that section. If its more of a general issue then again use search before posting. After that post away!

    17. In my mind botting is all about striving to be better. Sure you may not get it right even the 3rd time but in the end you will and then you should still look to improve your bots performance by making tweaks in every area you can.

    18. Botting with speed is all about minimising your downtime.Reduce the sit down values on HP and Mana and enjoy greater xp per hour. Food can be useful here making after fight herb treatments more effective.Strive to reduce down time whilst keeping safe without the need for pots (but naturally have healing pots set up just in case).
    © tsddave
    Please, post your questions on forum, not by PM or mail

    I spend my time, so please pay a little bit of your time to keep world in equilibrium

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    19 - Don't spread the word that you have the ultimate-bot working for you... and control what you write over the chat.
    They have logs that will investigate if suspicious behavior or report.

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    Is this bot better then mmovipers bot?

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