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Thread: Clerics macro

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    Clerics macro

    1. Healing and Buffing

    a) Buffing multiple groups with blessings:

    /Variable 1 Blessing of Health "Rank"
    /Select [%Group1]
    /Skill [%Variable1]
    /Delay 2
    /Select [%Group2]
    /Skill [%Variable1]
    /Delay 2
    /Select [%Group3]
    /Skill [%Variable1]

    Repeat this pattern, replacing the group number, for more groups.

    Create multiple versions of this macro for your different Blessings by replacing the "Number" of the Variable.

    b) Healing an enemy's target and re-select the enemy:

    /Select [%Target'sTarget]
    /Skill "Heal Name" "Rank"
    /Delay 2
    /Select [%PreviousTarget]

    This macro is very useful if you have 2 off-tanks or find yourself in a
    group with people who pull aggro off the tank/s frequently.

    Furthermore, you can still heal yourself along with the tank if you happen to take damage.

    c) Healing a group member and then re-targetting your previous target:

    /Select [%Group"Number"]
    /Skill "Name"
    /Delay 2
    /Select [%PreviousTarget]

    Alternatively, you can also /Select "Player Name"

    This is probably one of the better cleric macros out there.

    2. Levelling

    a) Faster resting/Mana regen

    /Skill Light of Rejuvenation "Rank"
    /Delay 2
    /Skill Mana Treatment "Rank"
    /Delay 2
    /Skill Refresh Mind "Rank"
    /Delay 2
    /Skill Toggle Rest

    I use this quite a lot for levelling when my mana gets low. Of course you can take out Mana Treatment if you don't have powder.

    3. Combat

    a) Simple assist target and announce target:

    /Select [%Group"Number"]
    /Yell DPS [%Target'sTarget] selected by [%Group"number]!
    /Select [%Target'sTarget]
    /Delay 2

    Alternatively, you can replace [%Group"Number"] with the name of your group's main assist.

    b) Cast Holy Servant and cast HoT on it:

    /Skill Summon: Holy Servant "Rank"
    /Delay 2
    /Select Divine Energy
    /Skill Light of Rejuvenation "Rank"
    /Delay 2
    /Select [%PreviousTarget]

    HoT'ing up your summon makes it stay around for one extra attack (4 instead of
    3 hits), which is quite good, especially if simplified by a macro.

    As stated above, currently I have not found a way to target a previous
    hostile target, but you can just hit TAB to do this quite easily.

    tnks :*

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