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    Sorcerer DPS (Ranked)

    This guide is for high ranked asmodian sorcerer in aion 3.0

    As a sorcerer using Transformation: Guardian Deity General (I...V), your main objective is to kill ranked people. If you are decently geared you do not need to make them sleep, your HP are high enough to endure a lot of damage. Especially since the 3.0, because if you use a level 60 abyssal gear like the best one : Archon Commander's Divine set. You will have a lot of magical suppression, that means that it will be very difficult for magical classes to hurt you. So what I suggest is to use the dps branch :

    The stigmas :

    Zikel’s wisdom
    Supplication of focus
    Ice sheet
    Wind cut down
    Summon rock
    Wind cut down
    Flame spray
    Arcane thunder bolt
    Glacal Shard
    Lava tempest (for high area damage)
    Exchange vitality (The best skill when using a transformation, it will allow you to fully restore your HPs, everyone will say that you are cheating)
    Vaizel’s wisdom

    Manatones : The best is to have 2 gears : one for when you are transformed and another for when you are non transformed :

    Manastones for transformed pvp gear :
    Magical accuracy and magic boost only, HP are useless.
    You must get around 1600 or 1700 of magical accuracy without boost
    When you reach this, put only magical boost manastones.

    Manastones for non-transformed pvp gear :
    HP, magical accuracy, and a few magical boost
    You must get around 1600 or 1700 of magical accuracy without boost
    You must get around 10000 HP
    Then you reach this, put only magical boost manastones.

    Weapon :
    Tatar’s book combined with Archon’s captain Hexbook, with damage godstone

    Headgear :
    Genium’s bandana

    Armor :
    Archon Commander's Divine

    Level 60 pvp accessories

    This is a build I use (and love), it may not be the best, but it is really very efficient at Slaughtering Elyos. Sorry for any laguage mistake, English is not my mother tongue. If you find any, I will be happy to correct them.

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