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    Power-Leveling in 7 easy steps!


    This guide requires the use of the mentor system which ,for all intents and purposes, is the most logical way to level now. Your mentor will need to provide you with a few Orb of Return to Baltasar Hill Village sold by Banes in Baltasar Hill Village or Overvatory Orb of Returning sold by Caochenrinerk at Obvervatory Village in Theobomos. Make sure you expand your inventory cubes enough to receive all survey items in your inventory cubes.

    1. Level however you choose to get to level 9 (kill mobs, gather, do a couple quests)

    2. Complete the Ascension quest

    3. Group up with your mentor (make sure they turn on mentoring in the group UI) and use the gold teleport stone to Marchutan Priory/Kaisinel Academy. Use the Aerolink to port to Gelkmaros/Inggison.

    4. Take the flight points to Rhonnam Village/Soteria Sanctuary. Do NOT use the charms you get in surveys that give 20% XP Bonus as you will need to use a better one VERY shortly! Kill the mobs in the surrounding areas until you reach level 38. You will need to open the surveys you have received to find the charm that gives you a 50% XP bonus. Turn that on and continue killing mobs for the next 12 levels.

    5. At level 50 you will no longer gain XP from the mentoring, use the teleport scrolls you received from surveys to go to Primum/Teminon and complete the first campaign quest. (Speaking to the governor)

    6. Use the Orb of Returning you got from your mentor to go to Baltasar Hill Village/Observatory Village. Speak to Phyper/Atropos to pick up The Shadow Summons/Josnak's Dilema quests. (Asmodians will need to use a scroll to teleport back to Pandaemonium for the quest to update after speaking to Phyper) Completion of these quests should land you around level 53-54.

    7. Complete the level 50 campaign quest Vidar's Call/Lavirintos' Call and the consecutive quests that lead you back to Gelkmaros/Inggison, and you're done!

    If there are discrepancies here that I have overlooked or clarification is required please feel free to PM me.


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    wondering this ingi thing

    so at 50 lvl you get quest which lets u enter ingison fortress, at -50 lvl you wont be able to im just wondering cuz u say after 9 lvl

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    How you will get to Gelkmaros/Inggison being lvl 9 ; this is impossible !!

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