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    Quote Originally Posted by leeonardo View Post
    The person I know who knows more about how it works Aika said that this is impossible, there is another way to attack multiple mobs at once, but that idea did not, especially since several erros related to send packet with WPE PRO were corrected after Hack Gold / Exp

    The POINT is this, it is impossible for those who didn't try and to those who believes that is impossible. And if you are going to response to this post, I won't bother replying back. It is absolutely pointless. Blah, I am not going to argue with a person who is hard headed and can't accept being corrected.

    And don't take it this the wrong way. I am not trying to be rude.

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    I also agree to stop it, you and I both realized that we have different points of view, so I will not continue this subject, mainly because I do not need to try to do this, since I have another way to earn exp easily.
    Anyway, good luck in your test.

    É pra ficar com medo?

    Apenas observo...

    Não faço nenhum tipo de venda de hack no jogo, então se in game ver algum "Leonardo PGC" não acredite, pois será alguém tentando te roubar.

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