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Thread: creation of bot

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    creation of bot

    Galera already see this forum for a little time and think he's very good, with moderators and members competente.Mas much I think you need to create for Aika is some kind of bot functional Aika, so here I see more package quest for gold and up, someone who understands about creating a bot could try to kill faster (speed hacker) who do not need to monitor your char is upa and that sets the skil you should use every time (self-click or something), to use pot at the right time, etc. ...

    That and a hint someone like her and I want to thank you.

    I do not know how the X-TRAP but could also make a bot that was not detected by it (Just like in the old GunBound protected by GameGuard bot that you wore it not detected).

    It is ai Tip!!

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    Question Gold Package at the time was not informed yet, wait.
    Welcome To PGC.

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