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    Aika Epic II Karena

    To get to Karena, you will need to either use Leopold's transmission equipment located at the sanctum or by using Karena Portal Scroll.

    Karena is an island where no PvP and PKing is allowed. It is purely a PvE area for high level players. Here, all Nations will have to work together to protect Karena from the onslaught of monsters and to siege the Verus Castle!

    Once you reached Karena, you will be within the town of Antal-ya.
    The town is frequently attacked by Aurland's Assault Army along with the Cruel Angels. They are looking......

    BUT! Before the Bombastic Karena feature, let's touch on something closer to the hearts of players first.

    Achievement Equipments!
    Yes, you heard it right. There are new type of Equipments in Karena!

    To obtain them, you will need to complete a series of daily quests.

    Basic attributes of Achievement items are in between Superior and Unique Items.
    However, when achievement items are reinforced to +11, they are as good as +11 Unique Items!

    Achievement items are more defensively oriented and guarantees higher HP. However, they are untradable.






    Chaos Magician

    Okay, now... Let's move on to the main highlight of Karena.

    Part #1 - Assault of Antal-ya Town!

    At Karena, Elters are able to gain assault points every 10mins.
    And the Assault gauge will be 100% filled in 12hours. Elters can also increase the rate of the assault points by killing monsters in Karena.

    You will be able to to see the gauge above only when you are in Karena.
    When the gauge has been completely filled, the assault by the monsters will begin in 60 seconds!
    When the assault begins, the gauge will change its appearance to this.

    This is the life bar of what is known as the Photon Cannon!

    It is situated somewhere in the middle of Antal-ya town and it is the monsters' main target.
    They are here to destroy it!. There will be 10 stages of monsters waves.
    Elters needs to clear each stage before you can move on to the next.

    Durability of the Photon Cannon will fall every time it is attacked by monsters.
    Durability of the Cannon will be shown on Assault UI as above.
    The Photon Cannon is at the development stage so Elters must keep in mind that it has weak durability.

    As Elters clear each stage, durability of the Photon Cannon can recover slightly.
    However, rate of recovery is not fixed. There is also possibility of no recovery at all.

    There are 2 types of Assault monsters.

    (1) Monsters targeting the Photon Cannon: Even if these monsters are attacked by users, their priority is to attack the Photon Cannon.

    (2) Monsters targeting users: These monsters' priority are to attack the players.

    Features of Assault monsters are as follows:

    (1) Ordinary type of Assault monsters are classified as blue crown and boss type of Assault monsters are classified as yellow crown.

    (2) Most of Assault monsters have high resistance to elemental effects.
    However, not all of them have 100% immunity. (Except for boss types).

    (3) In normal stages, at least one type of monsters prioritizes attacking Photon Cannon. (Except for the boss stage)

    The Antal-ya Assault will end in the following scenarios:

    (1) When all the monsters in every stages are killed within the time limit.

    (2) When time limit expired before all monsters are killed.

    (3) When the Photon Cannon is destroyed by monsters.

    There are 4 categories of rewards for successfully defending the Photon Cannon and Antal-ya Town.

    1. Buff Rewards

    2. Monster Rewards

    When Assault monsters are killed, Elters may receive “Medal of Courage” by chance.

    - Elters can get light points by killing Assault monsters.

    - When Assault monsters are killed, all party members receive “Gold Coin of Eldin”

    3. Quest Rewards

    Elters can get the quest that rewards ‘gold coin of Eldin’ from NPC in Antal-ya.

    - Quest is cleared when boss in each stages are killed.

    * Elters can buy various useful items from NPC with “Gold Coin of Eldin”.

    4. Karena Supply Box

    Monsters killed in the Assault randomly drops a box.


    I did not write any of this. All credits goes to Aika SEA facebook page and whoever wrote it in their team.

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    Nice post, will greatly help those who do not know the map (like me), lol. Thanks

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    you had to have put this post>>> AIKA GUIDES TUTORIALS

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