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    Exclamation Server Sided points, Possible some workarounds in Aika?

    Ok, so we DO know that Honor points and Honor Medals are server sided, right?
    (By the way, i play on Aika NA, if anyone wants to know)

    But let me make a point here:
    Some server sided things have a workaround:
    For example:
    Dragonfable's gold coins and experience points are server sided
    BUT! If in the progress of a quest, you change the quest variables for experience points and gold coins, after yo complete the quest,
    you get a large amount of coins and experience.

    Does anyone think, that this theory MIGHT be possible with battlefield?
    The thing is, is that you would also need a program that calculates how much honor you've accumulated before the end of the match.
    Change that value, and you might be able to score yourself some major honor points, and medals.

    There's another part of doubt in me, that if this being done, might cause the same effect for other players, though i think if you
    were the one hacking it like so, you would only get the spoils. I'm not sure.

    Sorry for the large amount of reading, but i found it interesting.
    Criticize me for not following up on this myself, but i lack the knowledge to hack.

    Anybody who decides to investigate in on this whom might be interested in teaching me these things to further study, i would appreciate it.

    Thank you for your time.

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    I dunno, honor points in Aika are server sided, and on battlefield the acumulated points are stored on server database, u cannot access it by pointer of offset, there's nothing called "current honor points" to change... Also, it need completely disabled xtrap, coz battlefield takes a long time to be done, so researchs there stays more hard to do...

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    Re: [Info] Server Sided points, Possible some workarounds in Aika?

    I know that it is server sided, but wouldn't honor points that haven't been legitimately accumulated at the moment
    not be in the server database?

    I know you cannot directly count the honor points, but the more kills one party in a battlefield get during
    the whole round, effects how many honor points you and your party gets. i just found this idea a little interesting.

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