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    AikaSea Help Needed

    Hello and good evening all forumers.. Basiclly im new to the Aika Sea game, just want to ask few questions

    1) its hard to find party grinding (except for high level/ dungeon) so for solo grinding, any guide or help would be sufficient so at least i can stay much longer

    2)About crafting weapon and armor - is it necessary to craft our set especially for low level like me (currently lvl 38) or just lvling and get superior or abyss set later

    3)About pran - my pran is almost lvl 20 but the problem is my pran keep asking difrrent question from what i get for the pran answer guide (cant remember where i get it) so is it really important to answer the right question to get the adult pran that we desire

    any discussion would be deeply be appreciated and for trollers pls go away..

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    hello there mate,to answer your question,

    1) Grinding in low level are unnecessary at doing the quest alone,you will reach to lv46 -48 just by questing, however if u wanted to grind,it depend on what class are u using and which skill build u are prefer, Killing mob 1 by 1 or AoE grinding, so FIRSTLY for those which prefer killing mob 1 by 1 (like the sniper class) all mob(yellow name) which can be kill in 1-4 hit suit u very well,however SECONDLY if u prefer AoE grinding,then melee and agro mob are more recommended as it is mroe ez to pul them together and kill it with your AoE skill (but this u need higher enchance armor to take those dmg from the mob and make sure how many mob u can tank before it manage to kill u then u kill them)

    There is no need of party in doing quest,however sometime u need party in doing dungeon..But,trust can solo a dungeon alone and clear it without the help of others,and this game have a balancing system which i mean,if there are more ppl joining u into the dungeon,the mob in the dungeon have more hp and are able to do more dmg ( for nightmage lv51 can kill an assult skelton soldier in EVG-Elite with just 2 fireball(solo) but need 5 fireball to kill the same mob if i enter with 1 extra party member(enter with my other account/multi client)

    therefore you do not need to ahve party do to low level dungeon and trust me u can solo the dungeon but it might take a longer time to complete the dungeon.

    2)from my experince,you do not need to enchance your armor at those lever or even you do not need to buy any equipment at all which all those equipment u can get from quest reward,
    Therefore u do not need to spend money for those low level equipment, BUT
    I recomend u to ++ your weapon,for faster killing with alot different of dmg,but +5 would be sufficient

    This can be done until u reach lv50 and when u reach lv50,only then u invest on those UH/EVGH/LMH/LM2 set and ++ it to at least +8 if u interested in pvp/ honour farming(going into other nation to kill those player grinding there to gain honour)

    3)Pran question does not make any diffrent at all if u constantly give different answer to it,Until now i did not see any of the answer guide for pran and I answer it honestly what i feel it is correct for me however some times an answer which your pran dislike might reduce its farmiliarity to u ,BUT
    i heard that by answer Pran might effect your pran personality(However I could NOT comfirm it)

    I hope this would give u an understanding and answer your question,
    If u find this useful give me a "thanks" mate,as i used about 30 minute giving u this answer =)

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