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    Exclamation Aika Online and Windows 10. What you should know before you upgrade.

    Windows 10 and Support Department

    As many of you know, the GWX box has been up for a couple of months now. We're approaching the worldwide
    release date for Windows 10, on the 29th of this month. During the Windows 10 Technical Preview release, I tested it
    to run with Aika Online(Global). Of course it would open the Aika window and immediately close afterwards. I then
    proceeded to contact support to bring to their attention that Windows 10 had been released for Testing and Developmental
    purposes. I explained to them what happened and told them that no error was given in any logs or dialog boxes. They're
    only response? Downgrade back to Windows 8.1 or below. The support and development team has been silent ever since.

    The Good News

    If you have reserved your copy of Windows 10, you can wait on installing it OR you can go ahead and upgrade to Windows 10
    and use VMware to install Windows 7(32bit). However, when Windows 8 was released, only a month after it was released they
    updated the client to work with Windows 10.

    My Advice

    Wait a month before upgrading to Windows 10 to avoid any hassle. Contact the support team for your version of Aika
    to keep yourself updated on their progress.

    Good luck, Aitans!

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