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Thread: Bot pesca

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    good fishing : Good:
    : Write:: Write:

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    With blue eye macro is still possible.

    i'll explain to you considering that you know how to open blue eye and aika. Lets go.

    First of all open blue eye and find Repository Macros > Aika
    Then Left click PERFECT FISHING and inport (download)
    Return to Local Macros, set a Trigger (hotkey to start and stop) and enjoy.
    Notes: The blue bar have to be in the up right corner. Your game have to be in full screen mode, the jump hotkey in your space and the fishing skill in the number one ( 1 ) hotkey.


    Com o blue eye é possivel
    Vou te explicar considerando que saiba como abrir o blue eye e o aika

    Primeiramente abra o blue eye e ache a aba repository macros, vá até aika.
    Procure pelo PERFECT FISHING e clique com o botão direito e inport (download )
    Volte na aba Local Macros e configure uma Trigger ( hotkey para começar e pausar ) e seja feliz
    Obs : A barra azul de pesca deve estar no topo esquerdo da tela, bem no topo mesmo. O jogo em modo full screen, a hotkey de pulo no espaço (space) e a skill de pesca na hotkey um ( 1 ).

    Abraço, espero ter contribuído.

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    I did all the steps in the video and worked in the first day but after that x-trap blocks BEM, i changed the folder names but x-trap still bloking. Can someone help me? or recomend another bot please? Is uopilot working?

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