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    How to make gold/caelium pieces without progs (65+)

    This is my first collaboration on this forum, I hope to help some people.
    I only play on AIKA Global, so I used the Item's name from global server.

    1. How to make gold:
    Here are some places to make gold fast.
    - Mina elite (you can go solo that makes easy);
    - Mutants Croshus (if u have 1 friend, both can go kill croshus cause the "junk" they dropped the gold one cool, not to mention that u can be lucky enough to drop one acc Forest Buried );
    - Normal Lycan (3 people are cool. Same thing Croshus but here u can drop Pellurite and Rubicine [B], which are worth a lot cause to the event.);
    - Quests Karena (besides get exp, you get 32k for completed quest).
    2. Caelium pieces:
    Another search from the new chars are Caelium pieces, or as we know on server Br, pieces of facion, for +51 skills. Ways to u achieve easily:
    - Disassemble sets / weapons (when u make a dungeon, or kill any mob, u have a chance to drop a weapon or piece of set, which can be disassembled, and if you're lucky, will drop caelium pieces. Higher the lvl set / weapon drop pieces)
    - Fishing in Verband (Yes, the little lake of Verband is great to do Caelium Pieces. Note: I have not fished in other lakes to confirm to u if give too.)

    I hope these tips help, although simple, many do not.
    And remember ppl, before asking someone something, try do it.

    Pt-br \/


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    Na pagina do Aika Global no facebook o adm da pagina ensina a mesma coisa. Então eu acho que isso além de ser copia é uma falta de respeito por não ter os devidos créditos ao legitimo criador

    On page Aika Global's facebook page of the adm teaches the same thing. So I think that besides being copies is a lack of respect for not having the proper credits to the rightful creator

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