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    Smile Wink VPN for AikaEN

    Wanna play aika with lag less? try out this way. It work for me now without paying ^^.

    step 1
    Download wtfast trial client from,
    Download WTFast client

    step 2
    Download timestopper from,
    Time Stopper 4

    step 3
    Install Wtfast client

    step 4
    Install timestopper client

    step 5
    Run timestopper client,
    go to browse and look for C:\Program Files (x86)\WTFast or C:\Program Files\WTFast and press open
    Then press any name example (wtfstop) and press the button [create desktop shortcut].

    Step 6
    Then run the shortcut that you create in your desktop, none register, just press login.

    Step 7
    After login, choose [custom]
    Go to configure and choose C:\T3fun\AikaOnline\AIKAEN.exe
    select Run with launcher and browse go to C:\T3fun\AikaOnline\AIKALauncher.exe

    Step 8
    Choose any server that have best ping with you.

    Enjoy your game. TQ ^^.

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