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    Autoclick, Bot, Macro...

    Does anyone know any bot, macro or auto click that run in the background?
    I want to leave the application running with the AIKA in the background while I do other things on your PC but can not find any that do that.

    Leo please change the description of the topic to "HELP", put "HACK" unintentionally!

    Alguem conheçe algum bot, macro ou auto click que funcione em segundo plano?
    Quero deixar o aplicativo rodando junto com o AIKA em segundo plano enquanto eu faço outras coisas no PC, mas não encontro nenhum que faça isso.

    Leo por favor mude a descrição do topico para "HELP", coloquei "HACK" sem querer!
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    I just upgraded an Auto Click that I made, but it does not work in the background and you must have Aika in windowed mode. Currently the system anti bot of the game is perfectly working and the bots what works in the background I think it will be hard to find. You will only find bots as the Agros Bot made by AikaMaster.

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