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    Wink Using Uopilot for auto kill on Aikasea

    Hello Brothers of PGC! Here in Aikasea, Gameguard Cannot detect Uopilot.. so we can use it for farming! here's how i do it.. note: use client in window mode, place Uopilot beside the aika screen.
    first put a marker in the middle of the game, (on your characters feet).. then close client.. open Uopilot then when you're ready, press record.. left click on the marker then use alt and 1, alt 2 and so on alternately use 2-8 for skills or some consumables. after a couple of minutes like 8 mins, and then Click macros on Uopilot, then click "play".. after that you cannot move your mouse.. simply press ctrl+alt+del.. now you can move your mouse.. open aiksea client, log in.. and if you're ingame, click "play" in Uopilots Macros. there you go! happy auto farming!

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    Make a tutorial please prettier if possible with Screen Shot and a copy in BR. For there's nothing to understand!

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