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    Aika Tips

    1. Questing
    Normal and Main Quest
    This is one of the main way to level up in Aika because Aika is mostly a questing game until later levels past level 50. To speed up the leveling process, you could ask people to join your party while completing quests. However, the majority of players will leave your party right away as soon as their quota has been met.

    Complete all your quests while leveling can ensure the fastest leveling efficiency while genearting gold for you to upgrade your equipments.

    Repeatable Quest
    These quests have a level cap as to when you can continue repeat the quests. These quests usually offer less exp than normal and main quests. However you should take advantage of repeatable quests by doing them at the same time as normal and main quests because the quests usually overlap.

    2. Killing Normal Mobs
    The normal mobs in this game generally do not give you too much exp. Warlocks are one of the best classes to level off normal mobs because of its effective Area of Effect skills.

    Some of the common leveling spot past level 45 include pumpkin and stork field.
    Past level 51 you can go Lake Kisia
    Past level 53 you can find a party and level at dinos.

    3. Instance Dungeon Farming
    For the players that are not DPS classes, farm the dungeons with other players is a good way to gain experience points.

    4. PvP Quests
    When you kill players of enemy nations. Sometimes you get Medal of Honor as drops. You can accept a quest requesting 50 or 100 medal of honors with the honor medal NPC in Regenshien. The NPC will give you exp in return.

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